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  1. Hey would be great to catch up for a ride. What lvl do you normally ride
  2. For a 2020 ktm 150 tpi Ok thanks makes more sence now. yeah its a 2020 150 exc tpi
  3. I did see that z14 filter was thinking that would fit but didnt know if it would affect anyrhing else. I have no idea about micron 17 to 40 thats abit different would that be bad
  4. How important is it really to have the same type kl97 could i just find one from super cheap auto or something ?
  5. Hey guys im changing my fuel pump filter its a kl97/1 anyone know whats the difference between kl97 and a kl97/1 thanks
  6. Dont think oz have much yet most guards youll have to order from os
  7. I found this one but looks abit heavy I just went with the carbon fiber
  8. Hey looking at getting a orange plastic set now are you able to post to dixon creek what price could you do it for thanks
  9. Thanks im after the light blue set but can only find it in the sx model
  10. Hey anyone know if 2020 150sx plastics are the same fitment as the 2020 150 exc thanks
  11. Ok how much did it cost was thinking off getting rim hubs done in orange also do you know if that can be done
  12. Hey also thinking about anodizing my forks black how did yours turn out? did you just have to give forks to him and they take apart?