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  1. That's all I thought about on the drive home. Gonna have to if I wanna keep up. Cheers again mate
  2. My first ride at Dissa did not disappoint. Came to Dirtriderz looking for people to ride with and I found some bloody legends. The ride was dusty as all hell, it warmed up quuck and the hills were nothing like I've ever ridden before but none of that matters when you're out there. I have to say a big thank you to the all 7 of the blokes that turned out, I wouldn't have made it through some of the tough stuff without your help. Not being in the saddle for near on 6 months took its toll and saw me bowing out early but not once did it dampen the spirits of the boys and instead of letting me ride back solo they escorted me to back before heading out again. Thanks guys and I hope to get back out there with you all again if you'll have me!!
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