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  1. same just got 4 set rear and 1 front. My brother been using them a while. The sintered are pretty good the semim sintered last ok but they are semi sintered. As he said for $2 and change its real good value
  2. Some happy snaps of the ride, thanks to everyone for keeping up the brisk pace, and Pepperjack with no safety net on put together a ride that had a bit of everything. For interest the image full of ferns is the scene of the 'incident with Bad Badger and his mossy log, well that's his excuse but we won't speak of it ever again.
  3. Yep, done it all ways. It just takes the dodgiest globules of moisture to boil up and release o2 then your buggered. Sometimes the old ways are better and worth trying, but brembos are a bitch
  4. Cluffie is right, the mx bike is nothing like the exc. Basically not a lot changed with the exc around that vintage, just refinements from year to year. If it is genuine 500k then it is a good buy albeit at top of range for the year. Lots of riders take off the speedo do be wary. If yowant to mellow power you can change the spring in exhaust valve, mellows it right our
  5. I hate rubbish. Always try to take more home than I took in. And I really hate it when you get to a great scenic spot only to look on the ground and see someone's left overs. Usually 4 wheel drivers by the volume. Have often picked up plastic drink bottles on walk trails miles from anywhere clearly flung by serious walkers. And hate even the most when riders leave crap at a trailhead. Enjoy the bush, leave the scene clean.
  6. The best way is to use a large syringe and clear plastic tube. Put some new brake fluid in the syringe and push through the tube so no air. Put tube on bleed nipple. With your third hand before you Crack nipple pull some suction on the syringe then suction out a little fluid before tightening up the nipple. Then let any air rise until it goes in the syringe. Once there is no air then you can push fluid into the caliper by first putting a little pressure on syrynge then cracking the nipple. Don't release pressure without tightening nipple. Oh yeah you need to take off resevoir cap and put some rags around. Stop when coming out clear. Brake fluid will absorb moisture over time how I don't know but it does even closed system. A tip is to remove master cylinder and hook it so break line is vertical with no bends, and have some one tap the line as pushing fluid through. Works almost everytime. If pushing doesn't work sometimes suckling it back dislodges that one small bubble. Happy days. ,
  7. Hey mate, nifty scar. If you are serious about enduro here are some really good tips to get your there. Let's be real it does cost money so not a lot of choice you need to work and budget. You are 18 so understand the work whole not a lot of money situation. Figure out what you want, how much, maintenence costs etc. Make sure leave enough for fun stuff . If you have goals something to aim at. Get fit. Get a good program together to get over this injury and to toughen yourself up. Enduro is one of the most physical sports there is, and the less experienced the harder it is. That's why some of us old farts go so well, we know the shortcuts which you will learn. Budget in some coaching, technique is critical and the secret to going fast. It costs money , not necessarily a lot, but it is a shortcut and so early on avoids learning bad habits which are hard to unlearn. I hate to say the M word but motocross coaching is best to start with then offroad. Forget the bling and go fast stuff for your bike, coaching will make you faster and better quicker. Buy the best gear you can afford, secondhand is cheap these days but buy a new helmet, as you know coming off can really hurt..... Notice I haven't mentioned a bike yet. If you really only want to tool around ignore the first 4 paragraphs, well maybe para 4 is a bit important. But if you are half serious the first 4 will get you there. Others might disagree but as a coach you should start with a 2 banger. To start with you can buy an older relatively competitive bike around your budget. A 200 or 150 is best, then a 250 second choice. A 2st is best because it will teach you how to ride properly. A smaller bike has to be right gear right time and teaches you clutch, or your coach will hammer you. A 2 stroke is easy to work on and will teach you maintenance. There is literally nothing you can't do on a 2 stroke with average tools at home. Buy some tools each pay day. Learn maintenance, saves you money and it's nice fixing ever one else's bike on the trail. Oh yeah, have fun. There is not much better fun than roosting all your mates as opposed to being roosted...
  8. What did I do this week. Unloaded the exc from the truck from WA almost ready to ride. Just noticed needed a new air filter.
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