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  1. Chris39

    Advice for a beginner

    Wow that sounds like some mean damage you done there mate and yeah that would of been pretty full on doing MX with a busted leg although it is cool MX isn't what I'm mainly into ever since I started getting into dirt bikes I've been looking into the Enduro side of things and there's alot of good Cross Enduro training vids on YouTube that will help me out and yeah I'll definitely be getting some good protection gear especially if I'll be getting into Hard Enduro I don't know what I would have to get for Hyper extension protection but I'm sure there would be something out there but it's good to hear that people have recovered well enough to get back on the bike and sounds like you healed up pretty well mate glad you got back on a bike before to long cheers
  2. Chris39

    Advice for a beginner

    Hey mate thanks for the comment I'm sure there would be plenty of people around that have had bad accidents and recovered well enough to still ride lately it's just feels like it will take forever for my knee to heal well enough but I was surprised to hear you were back on a bike in 6 months that dose make me feel better I have been on a couple thumpsters since but not doing anything serious I'm mainly just worried about my leg healing good enough to be able learn the technical skills of Hard Enduro riding and I understand that my leg stability and power will play a massive role in how I ride and also as I said I don't have alot of money and it seems like that style of riding is very expensive so I'm not sure if I should maybe give motorcross a go for awhile first but I have alot of access to the bush in my area and there's plenty of rough tracks around so I think I'd probably be focusing on that sort of thing as it's something I'd be able to practice alot and I like the way Enduro Riders can better there personal skills in way where they can preform as they do also I think I will definitely look into getting a 2 stroke if that's what people recommend for riding rough terrain thanks again everyone for all the support
  3. Chris39

    Advice for a beginner

    Cheers mate I've been doing abit on the Mountain bike building some leg muscle up and my physio has given me exercises like calf lifts leg lifts squats and stuff like that also thanks for the advice with the bike I don't know much at all about bikes I've been looking into alot of aspects of it but I'm still unsure of what to get although your advice will definitely help thanks again
  4. Chris39

    Advice for a beginner

    Yeah I done a good job of it that's for sure haha cheers mate I appreciate it hopefully it won't be to long before I'll be on a bike living the dream
  5. Chris39

    Advice for a beginner

    Cheers Paul hope you get there aswell mate it's a long process but glad to hear your also determined to get back on a bike as soon I have saved enough money to get a bike and my leg is healed well enough to ride I'll be doing it as much as I can cheers
  6. Gday everyone I'm Chris 18 from Tasmania this is my first post and I would like some advice about 3 months ago now I was in accident where I jumped off the back of my mates bike (Not recommended) as we were about to crash and I'm very inexperienced with riding and I wasn't sure what to do but I landed standing on both feet for second doing about 85 and the impact split the top of my Tibia bone right in the knee I now have a metal plate and 12 screws in my left knee and leg so it's about 3 months later and I'm just starting to walk again and I'm now building some more muscle in my leg and I'm unsure if the plate screws will be taken out or left in but for now I'm not having any problems with it and it's all healing really well the doctor's are very happy with my progress and are happy with outcome but it's not completely healed yet but I'm determined in getting a dirt bike and learning to ride and in the future hopefully race in a Hard Enduro race would be the goal as Enduro is something I really want to get into but over the last couple months it's seemed almost impossible with my knee the way it has been this is my first broken bone and it feels like it will never heal well enough to be able use my knees for gripping the bike to learn balance control and putting my leg down while riding aswell as all the other pressure my knee will be facing so the main question is how many of you have had bad breaks but have still healed well enough to be able to do what you love I have only ever owned a 50cc pocket rocket when I was little and I have only been on thumpsters but now I'm saving to hopefully get myself a CRF250 or something of the sort to get me started so I can learn to ride a bigger bike and hopefully one day start doing some Cross Enduro training and compete in a race I've never been in a motorcross race or Enduro race and I don't have alot of money but I'm still really keen to get a bike and start learning