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  1. I'll definitely be careful mate and if my leg starts to hurt after a ride I'll wait a couple days or so if I have to for the pain to go but so far I haven't had any problems it's all been going well so hopefully it stays that way
  2. It certainlyis mate very nice spot for it and I know I should definitely be riding with someone and as you said especially while I'm healing but the bush is literally straight over the back fence it would take me 5 minutes to get back done but still that's no reason to do it anyway I've just been reading alot aboutthe Enduro stuff and I've heard alot of people saying that you should do alot of riding by yourself so you can learn to face certain challenges and deal with them yourself but I understand exactly what your saying mate I'm going up to my mates place who lives just up the road he has a heap of stuff so we are going to go up there and build him a bike and we will be able to come riding with me
  3. Took the pit bike out for a run up the bush behind my house this morning was good to still be able to practice some good riding techniques for when I step up to a bigger bike and at the end of the ride my knee isn't hurting one bit
  4. Thanks again for all the help mate I went for an appointment at the hospital today and he showed me a zoomed in photo of the damage to the knee when I first did it unfortunately I wasn't able to get a photo but the top bone in my my knee smashed the bottom one smashed the cartilage and actually spit the bone in to places and the bone in between the to cracks was smashed downwards so they have brang the part of the bone back up into place and have repaired the cartilage as best they could that's why there are so many screws in the knee I'm not the best at explaining medical terms and injuries so I hope you get an understanding from I just said but the surgeon said he is really happy with how well it has healed he said I have got the best possible outcome I could have got everything is in place and has healed strong and well he said I won't have to go back to them for another 6 months and that will only be to talk about taking the plates and screws out only If I want to because its annoying me but as I said I haven't really felt any discomfort from the plates and screws so I would probably like to keep them there fo awhile to keep my knee as stable as possible he said they definitely won't disagree with not taking them out but if I ever want to I can thanks again for all the info mate it dose help I am a little worried about jumping over logs ect but that won't be for a little while yet so hopefully my knee will be able to stand it I took the pit bikefor a ride up the bush behind my house this morning practicing hill climbs and stuff like that I have no pain what so ever in my knee a little in my calf muscle from using my legs but I'm really happy with the way the ride went
  5. Yeah wow dosen't sound like they'd last long in an Enduro event I can't see what's wrong with the clutch in that photo and the 350 is pretty loud then haha
  6. Cheers for that mate I didn't know they were like that doesn't sound like the best bike for what I want
  7. They must not have lasted you to long if you've been through 6 sounds pretty full on
  8. Thanks alot for that mate I don't have a massive amount of pain or anything sometimes if I do abit to much walking it swells a little but nothing serious I'm just abit worried about having to put my legs down while on the bike at certain times and the vibrations and stuff like that the surgeon's said about 3 months ago that it will probably take around 12 months before I can run again from what I can remember Ithink there may have been abit of cartilage damage because my knee was abit smashed but there was no ligament damage I can walk completely normal now but after walking for about half hour or so I start to get abit of a limp but again its nothing to serious and the surgeon's and physios have said I'm doing well recovering it just worries me a little when they say I can't run for 12 months it sort of makes me think I can't ride a bike for 12 months but running dose strain your legs constantly but I haven't felt any serious pain or anything like that so it seems to be well
  9. I didn't know that I don't know anyone that's had a TTR but if they are very similar to the DRZs they are obviously good bikes and yeah it's not a bad little thumpy it's just got a Lifan 125 motor but the engine is new it's not even completely warn in yet so I can't do anything to serious with it but there are plenty of trails that go up through the mountains just behind my house so it will be good to go for a ride up there I haven't taken the thumpster up there yet but thanks heaps for the advice mate every time I've seen a Yamaha or something of the sort my eyes light up but I'm still being patient that's why I got the pit bike so I can still do some riding in the mean time but I'm definitely keen to get a good bike and start learning with that and as I said Enduro is something I definitely want to get into there are afew local events each year that would be pretty good for me I think once I start learning there are no really big obstacles and the terrain is nowhere near as harsh as some of the Hard Enduro locations if you have a look on YouTube at Merc Dirt bike Club Tasmania they have some pretty good videos of the tracks and events I think the one at Buckland would be good for me to start with if you get the time to watch the videos
  10. Yeah something like that DRZ250 seems spot in for what I'm looking for a couple of my mates have DRZs and they've had them for years awsome bikes I've also been looking at the TTRs they seem pretty good and there are some around my area for around the price I'm looking for but I will check that out mate sounds good I am being pretty patient with it so hopefully I can find myself good bike and yes your right mate I'm not planning on going fast as I can everywhere I more wanna try get my balancing right and practice on afew obstacles
  11. Looking to spend around $1400-$1600 on a decent bike not anything to expensive at the moment just want a decent size bike to learn on I spent $600 on a 125 thumpster just because I wanted to get back on bike as soon as I could it will take me a little while to save my money back up but I'm planning on spending $1400-$1600 I probably wouldn't get a good YZF or WR for that but hopefully something suitable comes up at the right time
  12. Cheers mate I've been thinking about the WRs a fair bit they seem like a nice bike aswell as the TTRs they also seem like fairly good bikes for what I want they are still just out of my price range at the moment but definitely seem like the sort of bike I want and that sounds pretty cool man I'll check that out
  13. And yeah dosen't look the best aye ghost rider I don't know how that being there helped the situation but they know what they are doing
  14. Cheers BenG I got myself a cheap little thumpster to bash around on to feel comfortable with it again I haven't really seen any Enduro style bikes that would be good for me they are all KTM 300s and stuff like that I really like the look of the WRs would you say they are more of a MX bike or Enduro bike? There hasn't really been much available around my area at the moment but hopefully something comes up before to long I travel to the mainland abit mate so I'll definitely hit you up when I'm over that way cheers mate
  15. Wow that sounds like some mean damage you done there mate and yeah that would of been pretty full on doing MX with a busted leg although it is cool MX isn't what I'm mainly into ever since I started getting into dirt bikes I've been looking into the Enduro side of things and there's alot of good Cross Enduro training vids on YouTube that will help me out and yeah I'll definitely be getting some good protection gear especially if I'll be getting into Hard Enduro I don't know what I would have to get for Hyper extension protection but I'm sure there would be something out there but it's good to hear that people have recovered well enough to get back on the bike and sounds like you healed up pretty well mate glad you got back on a bike before to long cheers
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