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  1. Not my finest moment. I thought I didn't have much traction
  2. Agreed excellent ride! Thanks for leading Macca and to Rob for sweeping for the day. Was a good ride and I'm hoping some of that GoPro footage might surface soon!
  3. It was spooky bumping into you on the trail, but good to have a chin wag. 90 odd kays, sounds like a pretty good loop! I'll have to join you next time. That KTM is less shiny now, and with a scratch or two thanks to some wet logs!
  4. Thanks for a great ride Macca. It was a fantastic day and plenty slippery in areas. Riding with a good bunch of people definitely made it more fun! Looking forward to the next one.
  5. Haha I'd love to but I'm 27, a little too old!
  6. Thanks for the advice, I'll check out Dandenong and mcrcv.
  7. Hi, Recently got back into riding and I'm looking for advice regarding enduro clubs. I'd like to test out competition riding (club level is fine) and was wondering if anyone had suggestions about what clubs are beginner friendly or good to join. I live in the south east of Melbourne so looking for one around there. Any suggestions or guidance is appreciated! Cheers,