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  1. Glad I'm not the only one feeling the burn haha
  2. Seeing as this was my first ride in a group like this I was a little nervous. Defiantly the fastest I have ridden with confidence. The xt didn't miss a beat and had me tractoring up everything in its path. Glad i didn't hold anyone up :-) (still can't fathom how you blokes hold that insane pace) glad the Bendigo mud was easy to wash off the bikes.
  3. Right now none. Before that a few trails here and there mainly with bubalu and a few other mates. (Mostly at uncle Keith's) I'm not I to the fast paced stuff but do like to try the slower technical stuff. (Not great at it but getting more comfortable with it) the sx is my first bike and it's been a thrill so something a little taimer may suit me better.
  4. Hahaha I have stumpy legs. Getting a foot down on a hill is damn tricky.
  5. And what is that option in your opinion? I'm highly considering the 2019 300 xtrainer
  6. Thanks everyone, I'll purchase the parts once I have some spare actual cash to throw down, may as well do a full year down and breathe new life into the old pumpkin with a resto. In the mean time I'll wait it out and look Into a new bike.
  7. Hi all. New member here. I just recently seized up my 250 and now up the creek without a paddle... What my question is, is what motors will fit the 02 sx frame as a replacement. Can I drop an 05 300 exc in it for instance? Legit answers appreciated.
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