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  1. Mine are k700s iv had 2 knee recos and there no fun at all. Take your time and try as many as you can on.
  2. Yeah the northern is hopeless im lucky i didnt listen to them. Iv just seen the surgeon at the epworth and his putting 3 plates in my foot and a band around the break in my leg tommoro.
  3. You couldn't be more right about the mri the doctors that seen me at the northern hospital told me to just leave it for 2 weeks which is madness if the breaks are out of line. I left the hospital went to my gp who booked me into the epworth today with a leg and foot surgeon and ordered mri on both.
  4. you must not of hurd the initial screaming haha cheers lucas ill be back on the bike asap.
  5. Cheers for an awesome ride boys had a blast up untill the end. Surgeon is happy to leave the break in my leg as its pretty clean but there not happy with 2 breaks in my foot so going back in for more scans today. Was great to meet such a great group of blokes and i cant thank you guys enough for getting me out of there.
  6. Cheers scotty im from sunshine north. Iv been riding mainly at wombat Cheers gypsy Thanks murdoch
  7. Hi guys im pete Iv just joined. Iv been riding bikes since i was 12 i ride an 18 kx250f looking forward on joining a few of these rides cheers.
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