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  1. I picked up some custom CTIs a few weeks ago. I agree with Buzz. They are a great fit and offer premium protection. Unfortunately the price has crept up. They are now $2800 plus $75 fitment fee. Although my ACL surgery cost more than that....
  2. Hi Cluffie, it’s been 6 months since I took the plunge and got the ACL surgery done. I’ve read reports of people going back to riding or racing then but I think 9-12 months is the normal. I’ll probably just start doing a few easy rides between now and 9 months and see how it feels. I’ve got some custom CTI braces on order to give myself the best chance.
  3. Hi husky. Yeah I did my ACL riding around a friends back yard. How long after surgery did you ride?
  4. Decided to bite the bullet on Tuesday and get the surgery done. I figured now was the ideal time to get it done whilst I’m stood down from work. I also plan on riding for another 25+ years so 6-9 months off the bike is worth the sacrifice in attempt to get back to where I was prior to the injury. So far so good.
  5. Thanks a lot Urustu for taking the time to write such a detailed response. It has definitely given me much to think about. Very much appreciated!
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. I’ve watched some YouTube tutorials on how to strap for a torn ACL, going to try it for next ride, see how it goes
  7. I did a complete tear of my knee ACL 12 months ago and have been riding a fair bit since. The knee does fee a little bit less stable when riding but I can make do. Has anyone else torn an ACL and not bothered to get surgery and continued to ride?
  8. Thanks Gypsy for posting the riding. I’ve been waiting awhile for the opportunity to jump on one of your Dissa ride. It was a nicely constructed mix of riding.
  9. I replaced the hose with a section of the fuel cap vent hose
  10. Issue is now fixed. After hours of tearing into the bike and testing things out I managed to narrow it down to the Crank case pressure sensor. The sensor itself was ok but it wasn’t sealing properly. The CCPS inlet joins onto a bracket which connects to the vent hose. It was somewhere in between these three mating surfaces that the leak had developed, perhaps water or dirt had gotten in. I resolved the issue by removing the CCPS from the bracket and connecting it straight to the vent line and using hose clamps to ensure 100% seal. I’ve ridden it 4 times now and it rides like new.
  11. It’s a 2018 Husky TPI repair manual but basically the same
  13. It had a topend 5hrs ago so should be ok unless something has failed. Will look into it, thanks
  14. Bike ran great on Thursday, took it home and washed it then the next day it had developed a misfire underload. It starts, idles and free revs good and is ok once at the topend of powerband. I’ve tried New Air filter New spark plug, has a nice clean spark New fuel filters Securing the earth wire Checked and cleaned all plugs Dropped it at KTM but they couldn’t find anything on the diagnostic, uploaded the latest map. 2019 250 TPI You can hear it misfiring in the video. Anyone got any suggestions?
  15. Nah haven’t done anything yet, just seen it on a tpi forum site. Might look into it
  16. Seems to be a common problem, harness kinks and breaks wires
  17. Great ride thanks BenG, one of my favourites yet. Some great fast flowing tracks with good scenery. Everyone had great pace and I had to put everything In I had to keep up but unfortunately an old injury creeped back after a fall but should be good in a week. Would definitely be keen to jump on another.
  18. Great ride thanks Buzz and thanks everyone for there patients as I pushed my way threw. As for the bet on how long before I buy a two stroke, who ever said 36hrs wins [emoji23][emoji23]
  19. I had a great ride and I’m glad everyone enjoyed it. Looking forward to jumping on another ride!