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  1. Murdoch

    Dry July

    Good effort mate [emoji1303]
  2. Can ride, that bloke [emoji108][emoji1307][emoji1307][emoji1307]
  3. I couldn’t tell if it was water or pasture... [emoji38]
  4. Geography doesn’t look right for Goughs. It looks like its out west somewhere. Possibly tallarook / strath creek area...
  5. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] So true though.
  6. Glad to hear you guys had a ripping day out, sounds like I missed, yet another belter of a ride... One day soon [emoji849]
  7. G’day Sarz. I live in Woori.
  8. Murdoch


    Welcome Maz. I’m a Dindi local as well, have you checked out our Ride Grading thread?
  9. Top bloke. Love your work mate!
  10. At the risk of opening a can of worms, you could also try Liquid Intelligence. I’ve been running it in my husky since new with no fan or any other cooling system upgrades. It’s now coming up to 360 hours and I haven’t had any issues, overheating or otherwise.
  11. Spot on. Skill and Technique will help limit how much energy you spend wrestling your bike and make it work for you. General fitness / cardio will help with maintaining stamina.
  12. Man I need to get out there one of these days...!
  13. [emoji1787][emoji1303]
  14. Jeez, usually pictures don’t do justice to a hill... But yeah, that’s pretty much spot on.
  15. Yeah, the busted plastics and crap lying in the creek below are only the prologue...!
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