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  1. Yeah, spot on. I stopped the video at 3:14. I had heard enough [emoji1787]
  2. Yeah certainly sounds like an interesting little machine... Especially doing away with the oil injection.
  3. Mine has leaked from the r/h side cover once. Probably because I used the same gaskets and seal 4 or 5 times... [emoji38] I hate to say this, but a sensible amount silicon is the smart fix here.
  4. Wow... Interesting topic. I don’t eat anything differently from my usual diet. Which is 1/2 cup of muesli with low fat milk and three shots of espresso with around 1/2 cup of milk for breakfast. I’ll have a protein shake on the way to a ride. Usually a couple of muesli bars and 3 litres of water for a level 3 ride. For harder stuff I might take more coffee or gatorade / powerade for a bit of a boost. Usually another protein shake post-ride.
  5. Yeah... thats a tough moral one there. I’m not the bloke to ask because I’d love a little 150 to play on! [emoji38]
  6. Yeah, I’m definitely on the SG12 bandwagon as well. Great boots, I’m on my second pair.
  7. Nah, they’re tough as nails (cable ties) mate. You’ll be right [emoji1787][emoji1303]
  8. You’ll smash it Pops, just remember to grind off the gal before you weld. Saves lots of time, and painful, smoldering zinc burns [emoji6]
  9. Thanks mate, I’m a little bit OCD sometimes...
  10. I had a bit of time for a play yesterday as well... Found some old 8x32 flat scraps in the bottom of the barrel and wasted more time than I care to admit [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  11. Patience, Grass Hopper. The salmon must first be a strong swimmer before he can go upstream... (Get your fillet welds good before trying to vertical up. You need to apply a triangular weave, and play around with your settings. A lot. For the handy-man welder, vertical down is fine. Just don’t use it on structural work...!)
  12. Yeah, me too Mick, nice burn btw, top effort! Vertical Down. Unless you’re welding thin materials with relatively high current, it’s a useless weld.