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  1. Just what you want after dropping $14k on a bike [emoji108]
  2. [mention]harrydaggers [/mention] Top work H [emoji1303]
  3. Nothing that can’t be fixed with a TSP head and ECU
  4. Nice to meet you mate, plenty of good riding out Dissa [emoji1303]
  5. I think it’s also important to consider that the bike weighs about 160kg. Plus a rider in gear, on average that is 90-100kg. Plus what ever gear you are carrying. Thats a fair bit of weight for a small capacity four stroke to be lugging around the high country etc.
  6. You’re f**king dead to me Mick.
  7. I’ve still got cable ties holding the r/h side of my subframe together, been like that for about 18 months now. When the other side lets go I’ll replace them. I agree with Mick though, got to crash carefully [emoji38]
  8. Don't forget about the plastic subframe, it actually drops a fair bit of weight from the bike.
  9. I honestly expected something like this Mick...
  10. I'm of the same mindset, I have tried riding with and without and didn't really notice any difference. I'd rather have the 'idiot proofing' of the pipe guard / bash plate for my own peace of mind because the incidence of my gumby moments still FAR outweigh those of my better ones!
  11. Video spazzed out while uploading. Will try again later... [emoji2955]
  12. Well... It was Warby. And it was wet. A 2+ it most certainly was not [emoji1787] A challenging morning was thrown at the group, but everyone persevered and did so with a smile. (Most of the time). Thankfully it was a smaller group so we actually flowed pretty well, given the notoriety of Warby in the wet. But after lunch at the Reefton Pub the sun came out, taking the edge off a little bit for the high speed leg of the journey, heading back towards Big Pats. I had a blast on this ride, great fun. Thanks to Pops for putting it on, and for being the Legend we all know and love. Thank
  13. When the radius is worn off your chain links [emoji6]