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  1. If i was going to set up a lightweight adv bike, a 501 is what it would be.
  2. There was a patch a decade or so ago there back in NZ; Metzelers were the ducks guts for taming some of the skatiest terrain you've ever ridden... The kind of terrain that makes you long for the log and rock strewn climbs of Murrindindi [emoji12]
  3. I need to do the same, busted a seam on my cover last ride. Looks rough as guts at the moment... [emoji52]
  4. Mine backfired while I was kicking it and imploded the primary drive [emoji1787]
  5. Gearbox oil and air filter changed. Muffler re-packed. Removed front forks for service.
  6. Teflon tape is tried and true, I use quite frequently for sealing high pressure steam lines.
  7. Gutted I missed this one... [emoji52]
  8. Welcome Scotland, if you ever find yourself out east, I'm sure we can accommodate your riding requirements [emoji1303]
  9. It really comes down to a matter of preference to be honest. And both points are valid; fans are tried and true. But you also need to take into account that the molecular density of the product allows it to absorb more heat than water. (Careful to remember thermodynamic fluidity, that absorbing more heat does not necessarily make an atomically heavier substance hotter). This, in turn with being able to dissipate heat faster, means less heat in the engine, more being radiated to atmosphere. I have used an infrared thermometer on several occasions to disprove my own skepticism early on when I started using liquid intelligence. My bike won't run hotter than 93 degrees, in winter its even less due to cooler ambient temperatures, unless of course there are some real good hills...!!
  10. Yeah, its great stuff. I thought it was another 'waterless water' gimmick at first until I read what it was made of. Its molecular fluid density per litre is 40% more than water, so not only does it have more heat stability at high temperatures, it actually conducts heat faster.
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