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  1. Mark h

    Tips Of The Trade For Newbies

    Use dencher cleaning tables for cleaning your camel back bladders as its the same as the camel back ones but half the price just go to the chemist
  2. I’m just doing an easy level 1 exploration ride in the Whipstick state forest . So if anyone would like to join me there more then welcome
  3. Mark h

    Can I ride in reserves?

    Hi the only advice that I can give you is to go and chat to the department of sustainability and they can tell you straight up if you can ride there or not that way there is no second guess
  4. Mark h

    Easy, flat beginner places to ride?

    I’m local to Whipstick as it is literally in my backyard and I would be mor then happy to show you around there
  5. Hi I’m new to riding in the Bendigo are I’m probably a level 2 - 2.5 rider and always keen to go for a ride if any one is interested in going for a ride in this area hit me up if u would like some company thanks
  6. Mark h

    What GPS are you using and why

    Hi I just started to use a gps app on my I phone called gaia as it has all the maps that google maps have but it also traces where you ride and it gives you distance traveled and the ability to save your maps and tracks as well
  7. Hi I’m mark just started a down hole inspection company specialising in problematic water bores using a water proof camera caper bull of 290meters deep also able to inspect mine shafts email me @ or call me on 0447762465