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  1. Geoff C

    What was your first bike ?

    My first ever bike. A 1976 CR250M. After harassing my Dad for bike, he showed up with this. Way too much for a first ever bike. Picture is from internet of one for sale now $5500. It would be nice too have as a talking piece, but I don’t have that sort of cash laying around.
  2. Geoff C

    Dartmouth 2 day

    I’ve been following this ride and have too take my hat off too the organisers off such a great ride. Not only raising funds for a worthy cause, there looks too be lots of fantastic riding in a beautiful part of Aus. The comradely care for a fallen rider and the post riding banter must have made it a memorable weekend. I’m lacking some bike fitness, but look forward too joining future rides. Thanks for the inspiration ....Geoff C
  3. Geoff C

    FREE dirtriderZ Stickers!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice one Geoffro I have a place for a couple of stickers. As soon as I work out how to pm you I will send address.
  4. Geoff C

    New Member

    Thanks, good work on the photo’s, it takes skill too make me look good. lol
  5. Geoff C

    New Member

    Hi Dirtriderz, I had heard of this group some time ago but only recently participated in the 2018 Beechworth Ride. I live in Wodonga, Vic own a KTM SixDays and love too spray I will look forward too more ride days and getting too know other riders and a big thumbs-up too the organisers, well done on a pleasant days ride and great BBQ. All the best Geoff C