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  1. Welcome Seza, get out there you’ll have a blast. Great bunch of people here that all enjoy the dirt bike scene.
  2. Thanks for posting this topic up. I went online too check out the action and was surprised at the level of competition. I for one would defiantly watch this, such a shame it doesn’t get any screen time here. Too whom should we send complaints too ??
  3. Riding makes you feel younger, look up some level 1 or 2 rides You’ll be celebrating your 50th in no time
  4. Great too hear from you and the 300’s are a great bike. But I think u need too change your name again too ‘never too old too ride’ I must admit I don’t get out as much as I could. Make some time and get out there, you’ll love it.. [emoji3]
  5. So craigsx250 what did you end up with. And what’s your opinion of it?? It was interesting hearing everyone’s thoughts on the topic. All very true based on there experience’s and style of riding. I believe ‘if it makes you smile it must be good’ even if it’s only for a while, that’s how we progress. I’ve had a few impracticable bikes over the years but they were all fun in there own way. Let us know your thoughts....
  6. My first ever bike. A 1976 CR250M. After harassing my Dad for bike, he showed up with this. Way too much for a first ever bike. Picture is from internet of one for sale now $5500. It would be nice too have as a talking piece, but I don’t have that sort of cash laying around.
  7. I’ve been following this ride and have too take my hat off too the organisers off such a great ride. Not only raising funds for a worthy cause, there looks too be lots of fantastic riding in a beautiful part of Aus. The comradely care for a fallen rider and the post riding banter must have made it a memorable weekend. I’m lacking some bike fitness, but look forward too joining future rides. Thanks for the inspiration ....Geoff C
  8. Nice one Geoffro I have a place for a couple of stickers. As soon as I work out how to pm you I will send address.
  9. Thanks, good work on the photo’s, it takes skill too make me look good. lol
  10. Hi Dirtriderz, I had heard of this group some time ago but only recently participated in the 2018 Beechworth Ride. I live in Wodonga, Vic own a KTM SixDays and love too spray I will look forward too more ride days and getting too know other riders and a big thumbs-up too the organisers, well done on a pleasant days ride and great BBQ. All the best Geoff C