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  1. Hello FAb. I am very keen to do a whipsticks level one ride like you did last saturday. I have only ridden there alone. I am an older rider, I need to do a level 1 group ride to assess my skills . Let me know when the next one is. Im available the next two weekends and most of school holidays.

    Regards, Laaland

    1. fab


      Laaland, we rode together at Cobaw. I was the sweep :) 

      That other Whipsticks L2 step up ride on last Saturday would of been perfect for you!

      I probably won't be there for a long time. If you see an L2 step up ride I think thats the go for you.

    2. Laaland


      thanks fab. I remember you picking my bike up . thanks.. .. .Might put an auto clutch in it as cheaper option than a newer bike but they are out of stock in Australia at the moment.


  2. Hello first when I look up the post a rides . There are nine there since I post rides up on the activity section... Or look for members to ride with there thanks..
  3. I'm near Ballarat ride Ballan whipstick and Creswick...I'm fifty, and average fitness... So the for hour ride with is break great for me..
  4. Hello. I'm an older bloke ride a husky wr250 and a drz road reg, live in Melton and mainly ride wombat Macedon Ballan areas. Would say I'm a level 2/3 rider. ...not really a four hour hard enduro rider but will tackle most hills...with a rest to look at the view now and then. Been riding by myself to much so looking for members to ride with. Available for after works in daylight savings and weekend....I live in Melton. Great to network thanks
  5. No problem Dominic I been riding by myself to much..I can go out in a fortnight as went yesterday...I only just got in Facebook with this site that's why my reply is 2years late so I guess you are not a novice anymore.. Anyway keep in keen.
  6. Hello. Where is Sailors falls, Ballarat area.?Insert other media

  7. Hello. Just got back into dirt bike riding. I'm 50 and have been riding wombat on my drz400. I would like to meet other riders to go out with once a fortnight or so on some trails in this area.