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  1. Thanks Shaun for organising and Pete for the terrific trip around Wombat. I enjoyed the conditions perhaps that's my DNA. First trail ride on the PE and it did better than expected, it really does put a smile on your face and does all what's thrown at it. Till the next one H.T.
  2. Or hugs and kisses H.T.
  3. Mick here's another classic from the same era.
  4. Riles I have one of those.
  5. honest tom

    Cruisy Cobaw

    But is it a lvl 3+ ride. You blokes can ride whatever Lvl you want but Silver lines hard endure don't seem to fit the criteria in the ride level classification. Why not call it level Gypsy you then can have all the rules you want like spare battery, No kick start bikes allowed, and a reference. H.T.
  6. I agree with you both Britto and Berg anybody riding in our local forests before we get any decent rain is just asking for trouble. why would you risk setting the bush on fire H.T..
  7. They couldn't refuse a Zebra now could they. H.T.
  8. Well this was as Dusty previously quoted "If you're wanting a high octane, non stop, appendage measuring "don't you love my race numbers" type of ride then this one most definitely isn't for you!. But it was for the five that joined Cruiser for a great run around Dissa a little dry but it's that time of year and yes it was a level 3 whhoo hooo. H.T.
  9. It's dry where I am at the moment, 30 degrees today hasn't rained for a month and the long range forecast is much the same for all of July. H.T.
  10. And you laughed the loudest....
  11. Steve don't forget on another one of your rides we almost lost Fab in a creek.....
  12. Sorry Marko I had to bail early with problems with my bike, I thought it was better to go back and allowed the group to continue without delaying the ride. Hopefully be good to go on the next Greendale ride. H.T.
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