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  1. They couldn't refuse a Zebra now could they. H.T.
  2. Well this was as Dusty previously quoted "If you're wanting a high octane, non stop, appendage measuring "don't you love my race numbers" type of ride then this one most definitely isn't for you!. But it was for the five that joined Cruiser for a great run around Dissa a little dry but it's that time of year and yes it was a level 3 whhoo hooo. H.T.
  3. It's dry where I am at the moment, 30 degrees today hasn't rained for a month and the long range forecast is much the same for all of July. H.T.
  4. And you laughed the loudest....
  5. Steve don't forget on another one of your rides we almost lost Fab in a creek.....
  6. Sorry Marko I had to bail early with problems with my bike, I thought it was better to go back and allowed the group to continue without delaying the ride. Hopefully be good to go on the next Greendale ride. H.T.
  7. It could be 270 degrees it depends on which way you wind it up. H.T.
  8. Happy Birthday Cruiser don't bother with the anti aging stuff they don't work.
  9. Thanks for the day Fab I had a great day with cool conditions and I reckon we had the forest to ourselves. A few shots and happy faces. H.T.
  10. Just a few shots of the day, was very slick in places today. I followed Fab down a muddy gully only to see him gathering speed and eventually going over the bars then sliding into the muddy hole at the bottom. He looked like a competitor from Cool Runnings he picked himself up with the only damage done was his gps mount. He later had another lay down but this time it was clear water some may think he fell off but he was only washing off the mud from the previous incident. Thanks to all that came with a few dropping out along the way, thanks to Peter v and sticks for pulling me up that little pinch. Good day out with a tidy group of blokes. H.T
  11. Thanks Marko for taking such a large group out at Springhill. There were some very quick riders out there duelling in the bush, if and when there were quicker riders I pulled over trying not to hold anybody up. This is where the corner man system works really well as I can usually get over under or through most obstacles but haven’t the speed. I never saw the tail all day I just circled within the group. Hope I didn’t hold anybody up. I decided to pull the pin at the rest halt after Sink splashed me in one of his overtaking manoeuvres, he really is a twot so I went home. H.T.
  12. I was thinking of being a late starter and have a lie down in a spoon drain and just wait for you to pass. Wasn"t sure if you would ring road it back that way. Should make the next one. H.T.
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