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  1. That's why i like dirtriderz you share knowledge like this! (Keep riding)[emoji106]
  2. PE 250 ,i was taught how to ride on this bike ,brought it cheap a the wreakers,enjoyed learning on it and enjoyed the powerband![emoji106] (Not actual photo)
  3. Thanks! I can register one,the other is a crf50.
  4. Hi all, Looking at getting insurance for 2 unregistered dirtbikes,who do you all go through and do their policies allow to ride in the bush and on tracks etc. Thanks.
  5. Hi New member,looking forward to getting advice and giving suggestions if i can help, Getting back into dirtbikes,but wanting to learn more about the workings of the bikes,just brought a 2009 Kawasaki klx250s with a big bore kit,which is now I'm told 330cc. Regards lubear. Keep riding guys![emoji106][emoji109][emoji482]