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  1. Can we please get 1 mens XL and 1 ladies 20, thanks Fro!
  2. Well here we go! Huge thanks to Geoffro for all his work of organising yet another fabulous Annual Weekender and all the other people behind the scene that make it all happen too! All the sponsors who donated prizes for the weekend and to the staff at Starglen Lodge for making us all feel so welcome as there wasn't anything that they couldn't do for us! My weekend was a little bit different this year, as three days prior on Tuesday afternoon I had surgery on my right knee which slowed me down somewhat and meant no riding for me, it was a relaxing weekend chasing after the kids and Miranda Was good to catch up with all the old faces & meet some new ones, even gave Kossy a helping hand to change his front tube! Thanks to Donna, Natalie & Shane for cooking the Saturday BBQ lunch, Dusty did a great job being MC for Saturday nights festivities. All in all it was a nice relaxing weekend & sorry but can't really think of too much else to say! Hopefully next year I'll be back on the bike and will have a whole lot more to add... Didn't really get the camera out too much, but here's a couple i took!
  3. Can we please have 2 x XL adults thanks Fro!
  4. Somewhere in Albury or Wodonga would be nice....
  5. Did you say it's one of his addictions, as many different colors as he can get his hands on!
  6. First of all a huge thanks goes to Geoffro and all his helpers behind the scenes, all the sponsors, Starglen Lodge and those whom donated to the weekender, because without them this weekend would never happen! My weekend started on Thursday, with an RDO which worked out well so i could do some bike maintenence, load the trailer and all our stuff in the car so we could leave early Friday morning! Left home about 6:15 Friday morning for the drive to Yea to meet Egg, Baz450, Geoffro, KTM Shane, Nat, Geoffyboy and Coise, for some breakfast grab some last minute stuff we forgot from the local supermarket then we headed off for Starglen, on arriving we collected our room key and proceeded to unpack all our crap for the weekend, then it was time to say hello to all the others that were there also, had a quick dip in the pool with Destry as he wanted to go in the pool even though I told him it wasn't heated like the pool at swimming lessons. Saturday morning got up and headed in for some cooked breakfast at Chateau Starglen, then went & got geared up for the annual group ride lead by CRHill, Habs and swept by Geoffboy and myself, in total there was 54 of us, which turned out to be a very "moist" ride with a fairly consistent flow of water from the sky, only varying in the size of the drops which proceeded to slow as the ride went on and then stop towards the end, there were a few wet slippery hill thrown in to challenge the lesser experienced riders, but everybody made it to end without to many injuries! Basically spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and socializing, only rode the big ride on Saturday as i'm still getting over knee surgery at the end of May! We packed up Monday morning to make the trek back home, had a wonderful relaxing time & can't wait for next year to come around again so we can do it all over! Here are a few of the pics I took over the weekend...
  7. I fitted a new front X20F and rear X30 tyres to my bike for next saturday! Hopefully the weather will be like last Saturday was...
  8. Can you put us down for 2 x XL please Fro!
  9. Unless i'm wrong your tank should have a a quick release coupling in the fuel line which has a dry break valve in it, so no you shouldn't have to drain your tank!
  10. I'd like to come, but i definately won't be riding, just come for the "Chad's" talk on boingy things & to say hi to everybody!
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