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  1. I'd like to see what it looks like so i can get an idea on the install for some reason there website doesn't show the kit actually on a bike so i have no idea what it looks like
  2. I have a license and rec reg on the bike but I’ve been hanging to take it for a ride in the bush, I’ve had it 3 weeks and haven’t ridden once. I’ve ordered a Mavericks kit but not sure when it will arrive and this weekend the weather is really nice. Would I likely be defected? I really don’t want to have to take the bike back to vicroads, the previous owner took all the lights off for some reason. thanks
  3. Hey guys so after a while being confused about which kit to go with I’m going to go with the Mavericks kit and a polisport headlight. Is this the kit I need and anyone used it? What are your thoughts on it? if anyone’s got some photos of it installed that would be great. cheers
  4. HairyTrails

    Looking for a rec reg kit on my crf250r

    My bike is efi though
  5. HairyTrails

    Looking for a rec reg kit on my crf250r would this need anything extra to install?
  6. So I’m looking for a rec reg kit for my crf250r, but have no idea where to buy one. I see eBay has heaps for around $100 which include everything. The bike is already rec reg’d to. But for some reason previous owner removed the electrics also do I need to install a battery? I’m on my learners so the headlight needs to be on at all times anyways. where should I buy it?
  7. So I just got my learners recently, so I can finally go trail riding on my bike I bought recently which is a CRF250r that has rec reg. I’ve been reading conflicting stories some saying that MX bikes aren’t LAMS approved therefore cannot he ridden by a learner? Is this true, I checked the vicroads website and it mentions any bike 0-260cc is automatically lams approved expect for some exceptions. My bike also doesn’t have headlights, taillights, horn, mirror etc would I deffiently be fined for this in the bush? they really make it hard for us, I’m just trying to enjoy trail riding now doing the right thing but now I’m thinking I can’t even ride my bike without the risk of a fine.