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  1. I went extons rd a while ago and it’s disgusting how much rubbish is left behind. But I blame the council how hard would it be to put a bin there? Seriously
  2. I’m deffiently going enduro bike, I’m currently looking at a 2015 fe350, would this be a good bike? I can’t seem to find any 4 stroke 250 enduro bikes under $8500 for something newer than 2015.
  3. Except on firetrails. Why is that? I want a bike that can put along fire trails and dirt roads with ease
  4. Well I rode my mates brand new 450 sxf factory edition and didn’t really like it, felt pretty rough but that could have been the akrapovic exhaust and it was scary quick way to much power. The erconomics felt weird but could have been just becuase I’m not used to a different bike
  5. It’s very clean, I was also tossing up between the ktm 250 exc or this 2014 Husqvarna te250r I found the red one looks clean
  6. Really don’t have the money my budget is 5-6k and all of those are old and beat up
  7. I wouldn’t say im a full beginner now but I deffiently need a new bike my Crf250r is Beating me up something silly every ride on the trails and I’m starting to hate riding because of it. Close ratio/bad top speed/hard suspension/bad lugging etc I’ve always loved 4 strokes but came across a 2011 ktm 250 exc with 700kms on it for $5,500 which I think is reasonable. Are these good bikes? I want something’s I can easily ride all day without it bashing me up
  8. Thanks mate think I’ve found the spot, will do nice to try something different only ever taken my bike to kinglake extons rd
  9. All good just checking... There is some tracks on the west side of Macedon town, just have to be careful because allot of the locals also do allot of walking there. They don't mind as long as your not screaming around like a c___t. Just take it easy there, and stay off the mt Macedon walking trail and you'll be fine. Can you tell me where the main parking spots are? No idea where to start from
  10. Ah dam yes I’m rec reg’d and full licensed
  11. I’m after a really flatish and easy place to ride my MX bike, even somewhere where there is a track in the bush? Which I doubt but who knows. I’ve heard Macedon is very easy? thanks
  12. I’ve seen the mxtv bike, it looks exactly what I’m after but I was put off after it said the suspension had been done I’m only 73kgs and it’s setup for 85kg. But apparently only clickers were changed that was it
  13. Thanks for all the responses guys, pretty sure I’m going to get a wr250f the new model. Was even concidering getting new, the bikes used are only a couple grand less than a new one. I looked at a Husqvarna fe250 but they were to expensive around $12,500 How much did you pay for it ?
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