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  1. Hello Mark. If you ever want to ride the Pyreenes let me know. I am in that area, about a hour or so from you.
  2. Got a new bike so i got the pod k4. I dont notice them at all. Good value i feel.
  3. G'day all Harry here, this is my first time on a forum.Took delivery of my first two stroke after riding four strokes since i was a teenager, 2019 Beta 300RR. I am in my forties and should have known better, i am sure i dont have enough skill to ride it, however, i am looking for people to ride with in what will be, i am sure, a steep learning curve. My native habitat is the Pyreenes Ranges near Maryborough and am looking to share my foolish incompetence with fellow addicts. I work nights and am let out by her Lady my Overlord on Fridays and Saturdays, with some Monday's based on a cruel and taxing demerit system. I look forward to riding with fellow travellers, helping and learning where I can.
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