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  1. Thanks to Mick for once again putting a awesome ride on. The track fairy has been very busy and done a great job. Thanks to the boys that came great day by all. And a big thanks to Harry for sweeping all day and eating all the dust that we made. See you all on the next one [emoji108]
  2. Thanks to Dylan for a cracking ride. Thanks to Sabo and bubalu for sweeping. Great bunch of boys to ride with. Really nice and flowing tracks and a great pace all day
  3. Awesome. Thanks heaps mate. I’ll see how I go with that
  4. Awesome thanks heaps mate might have to give that a go [emoji106]
  5. I was more trying to make around the 10-15 min mark. I seen that go pro apps only do around 1-2 mins
  6. Hey guys. I’ve just recently purchased a go pro and I’m have a bit of trouble edits the footage. I’m not sure what editing program is the best to use. I have done any sort of editing in the past and really keen to start making some good videos. Cheers in advance
  7. Massive thanks to gypsy for putting this ride on. Thanks to Mick buzz and Sabo for sweeping. It was good to get out my comfort zone and test my abilities. I’ve definitely got to practice on some hills. Thanks to all the boys that helped me through the day
  8. Thanks to pepperjack for putting the ride on the ride. Great bunch of blokes to ride with. The ride only got better as the day went on. Big thanks to the sweeps and all the boys involved great day on the pegs. Couple pics I got
  9. A huge thanks to greasa for putting on year another great ride and Greg for sweeping the whole day. It was nice and slick out with a few tumbles here and there. It was great meeting a few new faces. I’ll definitely be on more rides!! [emoji16]