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  1. Thanks mate, I'll jump on a level 2 and get my bearings with the corner man system and get a feel for the pace. I'm guessing there's a lot of very good riders on here and i don't want them waiting on me if i can't make it over certain obstacles without help. i can ride a bike but i'm no jarvis lol so a lower level ride to start off with would be good to just explore and meet a few of the fellas.
  2. For years i thought motocross tracks were the ultimate until i went on a trail ride with some mates, got hooked straight away lol It's a completely different skill set and just being out amongst nature and seeing places you never have before is just awesome. I'll for sure attend a ride with some members it'll be great to go with people who know their way around.
  3. Thanks mate, i will keep a look out and jump on a ride with some members =)
  4. Starglen is a lot of fun tp ride and has a few mild to wild tracks if you go out of the property. I will have to jump on a ride would be cool to go with a few members who know their way around
  5. Hey guys and girls, just wondering if anybody knows of any enduro loops or tracks to ride in or close to melbourne. I'm aware of ride park, park4mx which are great and neerim, king lake and so on are awesome but also easy for a newbie like me who doesn't know the area's well to get lost if you get a little excited and don't take very good notice of where you've turned. what i mean is are there any areas that are marked out for people to ride enduro style tracks?
  6. Hello, i’m Tim located in the se suburbs of Melbourne. Came across this forum while researching jetting for my KTM300XC, seemed to have plenty of topics on the fantastic jetting of mikuni carbs lol Currently on my first enduro bike, had been riding mx bikes on tracks and farms for a couple years until I went for a ride to neerim with a couple buddies and that was it I loved the challenge and scenery. Roughly been riding in the bush for 2 years now but not as often as I’d like, very keen to get out there on a ride with some great new people and see some new places. hopefully see some of you fellas soon!
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