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  1. As always it was a pleasure to ride with the dirtriderz crew! Felt amazing to be back on the bike after 6 months. I ate more dust then food today and managed to front flip up hill, I can't wait for the next ride!! Thank you to all involved in putting this on, and all who attended, legends!!
  2. Spot on! The way I see it is if it was just my bike and a handful of others bad luck it's not a big fix deal with it I'm okay with that. The fact it's most 2020 250/300s and they haven't done anything about it bar shrug people off bothered me. You're charging stupid money for these bikes now at least make sure they aren't leaking oil when they leave the bloody showroom floor!
  3. Yep 3 times! And yes I could do it myself but f@#$ them. We're spending small car money on these bikes now so I shouldn't have to play with these leaks on a new bike. So they used silicone twice then the third time I nicely said fix it or keep it. So they put all new seals in it and it seems okay now but I haven't ridden it for 6 months. See how it goes when I swing a leg over it again.
  4. Had the power valve leak "fixed" 3 times. Added a bash plate, carbon pipe guard, pds sock, fan, tug strap and cleaned the filter. Now all I need to do is remember how to actually ride it.
  5. I'm a fan of the 2021 sx and xc range but the grey on the exc I still don't love it. Different yes but I don't know. Maybe in the flesh it'll look nicer. Usually does. I hope they fix the bloody powervalve oil leaks though!
  6. https://motocrossactionmag.com/amp/first-look-2021-husqvarna-enduro-models-motocross-and-tx-models-to-come-on-tuesday/
  7. Do you mean pre covid? Or just recently in general? With the recent social distancing measures in place I think the dining side of things would have changed and maybe how many can stay there. I haven't been there for 5 months but if you've never been it has pretty much everything. Its no 5 star resort but it's pretty good considering what it has.. Rooms that sleep 2 to 6 with a bunkhouse that can sleep upwards of 12 i think, swimming pool, bar dining area, lounge, fire pits, TV's and so on with 450 acres of private property to play on. Mild to wild just depends on what you wan
  8. @99percent Brilliant 😂 Option 1 is out. option 2 is the winner. Her cars kicked out I've taken over the garage and weirdly enough she hasn't complained about it. In her words "as long as you wash it from time to time i don't give a s#$t if it lives outside" she's a good egg but I heard when you get married they aren't so kind lollll
  9. Okay I'll give this a crack 👍
  10. @Gypsy501 I usually use wd40 on the bike while some say not to I've never had a problem coating the motor after washing it, repels water and easier to clean later. I think this stuff lasts longer though
  11. @Dann thats a proper man cave! Haha yes lubes and oils are better off outside, even then the smell comes in the house depending what you're using
  12. @dalesween she's pretty good but in the new places my chances of ever bringing them in are zero. Which I guess is fair enough 🤣
  13. @ktm-sean 😂 might settle for the spare room because i think she'll kill my ass before the bike would lol @dalesween I have pulled them inside before to do light work and if looks could kill I'd have been dead on the spot. She hit me with "do you know what those floorboards cost? I replied yes because I paid for them!" Not much was said bar please don't scratch them lol @Dann what a set up! Escape all the cold, rain even heat. I wish I had my last bike in a couple times but needless to say people thought I had lost the plot