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  1. Flow


    Yeah I tried looking it up but couldn't find it
  2. Flow


    Cheers that kick start program seems to be the kind of thing i'm after
  3. Flow


    Cheers, yeah I've taking him to ride park I'll see if they do anything like i'm after
  4. Just wondering if someone could point me in the direction of a track I can sign my 4yr old up to and they give him training and even race if any exist.. his been telling me he is going to be a champion rider since he was 2 so I would like to give him every opportunity as I don't have the kind of skills he needs. Looking as close as possible to point cook if i'm going a couple times a week
  5. Sweet sounds good I'll check them out. His been out ride park but I want him to try some different places. Personally I don't enjoy tracks I like enduro
  6. Cheers I'll keep a eye out Haven't rode in a few years so will be starting at level 1
  7. I'm new to Victoria (point cook) moved here for work from NSW, dad of 3 kids looking 4 people to ride with and places to go. Just bought a WR450 any help would be good, also looking for any tips on where to take my young bloke on his 50 if anyone knows
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