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  1. Steviewonder

    How mondays should be spent

    Whipsticks ballan Nah mate in the dairy industry just some well earned annual leave Always haha
  2. Steviewonder

    How mondays should be spent

    After some new clutch dampeners fresh fluids and filters on Saturday. Decided monday no work time to ride woke up 9am the uber (louie) was right on time dropped the bike in the van stopped for fuel and redbulls and off to whipsticks ballan, tried to warm the bike up bamn flat battery well its 3 years old now so time for a freshie lucky the 350 has a kickstarter Was very dry and dusty but that 525 cheater rear just grips all day long best tyre ive ever had we managed 60 kms. Not working monday was the best decision so far, my home made steg pegz door rubbers worked bloody awsome and at 5 dollars what a bargain, found some awsome off camber tracks for a mint level 2+ ride will hopefully do it very soon gopro is getting reitred soon so will have heaps better quality soon
  3. Steviewonder

    What State, Suburb is everybody from ???

    Classy melton well can it be classy?
  4. Steviewonder

    Local backyard gems

    Lived in melton 6 years now and only just found this after seeing 4wds head down one night what an awsome little play ground perfect little hill climbs even if its just for an hour of stress releif someone has even made their own flat track great effort and alot of fun
  5. Steviewonder

    Guess the chainlinks Comp

    Something for free im on 688
  6. Steviewonder

    What Have U Done To Your Bike This Week

    His a very loyal boy lol best alarm there is Loves screwdrivers for some reason
  7. Steviewonder

    What Have U Done To Your Bike This Week

    Thought might be a good idea to change the brake pads get everybit possible from em, also head stem bottom race was stuffed (same from new 101 hours) so replaced it all nice and smooth now almonst ready to hit some dirt
  8. Steviewonder

    Buzz’s Dissa level 4 step up ride. Saturday Jan 5

    Actually keen as to give one of these a go must get her back up and running not to sure on 3rd gear hill its on the todo list thats for sure
  9. Steviewonder

    Word Association...

  10. Steviewonder

    Word Association...

    Scotty lmfao
  11. Steviewonder

    What Have U Done To Your Bike This Week

    Its a snow foam gun, i use ct18 truck wash at a 70 water :30 soap ratio using a heavy duty soap its comes out very sudsy and eats all the mud grease straight off
  12. Steviewonder

    What Have U Done To Your Bike This Week

    That depressing feeling knowing you have a major list to do- headstem bearings both wheel bearings grease/ torque whole bike new fork oil/ seals full service and maybe install the tubliss front and rear at least she is as clean as a whistle
  13. Steviewonder

    Not to disappoint 30/12

    The next ride when everyone rocks up will be the ride of 2019 lmfao
  14. Steviewonder

    Not to disappoint 30/12

    Just the sound of a race im keen! Any excuse to send it is a good one
  15. Steviewonder

    Not to disappoint 30/12

    I pegged 2nd than realised i couldnt see what was happening so sat up