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  1. Steviewonder

    Word Association...

  2. Steviewonder

    Ballan 11th

    Fellas first ever ride on dirtriderz, just under 80kms, what can i say didnt disappoint laugh from the start ktm owners thinking their lumber jacks, had local racv come to the rescue hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did cheers see ya in 2 weeks for kinglake
  3. Steviewonder

    Adventure camera

    Hi guys, looking to buy a new gopro the old hero 3 died and have been looking at the hero 6 and 7s, any one use them aswell? Just trying to work out if the newer model is worth the 600 price tag. Have tried the sony just dont like the overall size of the unit cheers
  4. Steviewonder

    Rider level

    Hi all, so completed stockmans “hard” tracks on the weekend no dramas got up every challenege while dodging 400 others, im looking to tag along on some rides just wanting to know what level would you call it? Level 2? Cheers