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  1. Boys, all i can say is wow, wanted a challenge and this was it, it broke me 8kms done out of 12 couldnt handle anymore had an off on arm felt like it ripped bicep to elbow so had to reitire, so 12 months to get level 4+ fit and skills up see you out there
  2. Anyone actually riding it this year, im doing bronze this year so more faces the better! See ya all there
  3. woke up late, splitting head ache was going to bail but it is bike season so chugged a red bull and we headed down, get to the drop point say hi to everyone and louie has forgotten his boots!!!!!! so its just a team of 4 while he rushes home gets a pair and meets us out, quite surprising the little hills around were so slippery with such little rain even when you celebrated to early you where off and momentum was gone, got to cocky and whiskey throttled up a tree the old ktm just bounce off things well now, we did 50 odd kms plenty off the good stuff fast flowing down hill like on a mountain bike i loved it, the creek was a mini ocean so we gave up on the swimming lesson, thanks for all the came shame it was a last minute find a shoot but enjoyed it.
  4. couple little climbs today, practise makes perfect! the old shinko just loves it plenty of grip
  5. Anytime mate glad the throttle was fixed and you got to ride plus was a mad day
  6. Yeh mate should of tagged along was quite a good ride, yeh he ended up breaking 2 bones in his foot bloody logs
  7. Alot of it could be flaming out, rex from fuel torque will tune the ecu 200 and no more problems saying flaming out if your actual problem try the cheaper options first of course
  8. Top photo was at the base of what used to be one i pressume, its backs onto private property so couldnt tell ya bottom photo just a random track overgrown in some nice blokes paddock But watch the youtube link talk about sending it!!!!!
  9. Pretty sure you got your invite over the phone as you where a maybe? If not sure you will come on one soon plus gypsy on a level 2 ride come on!
  10. Started with 2 on monday sunday come along 12 of us, you beauty somehow we had another broken foot i dont think our riding is to hard but some just cant handle the power dropped him at the car and kept going, 50km loop hills rocks logs you name it we found it. Found the old lake empty so we just sent it digging trenches as we raced along the semi muddy surface and rode threw hedges 2m tall loosing riders in sight no visibility no idea what was in front was just like those videos on youtube where they just point and shoot all day, honestly best ride ive done in along time didnt even get into tight tracks and still had a ball will have a nice video up once my new laptop comes in friday but here is a cheeky teaser the wall smashed out twice in a row what a machine was so bloody dusty and loose couldnt grab traction all day enjoy https://youtu.be/aqyhfp9U4TE
  11. Hey mate where abouts is this pub and they dont mind boots and gear in there pub?
  12. Mateee i dont even no how he did it, look i do give a real good pep talk and stir the pot real well if i can get my fat ass up so can you haha so get the bikes ready because its happening
  13. Looks great guys honestly after waking up should of stayed in bed got the tyre fixed smashed a red bull headed to whipstick warm up the bikes get to the bowl random dudes watches up do some hills he proceeded to show us how its done flipped the bike and snapped his ankle in 3 spots so needed to do Recovery haha still smashed 40 kms so wasnt too bad see you all on the next one tubliss will be in no more flats
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