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  1. Swann full comp 2020 300 tpi was just under $600 16k value Riding gear covered plus gorpo etc
  2. Considering what happened bikes not to bad wheel, head stem bars odds and ends is the frame cracked or twisted? And all because of the rubber boot over the throttle? Speedy recover mate hope you heal up well
  3. Awsome work man, i love this sort of stuff
  4. It sounds stupid but since the corona the tasty truck has been banned from coming on site, great no more pies portellos and dimmies! Got real sick with an infected knee all the good stuff from hospital, iv drips 2 weeks of meds and back on them again month process and no luck hopefully this tome around it goes away but with all this rest and none of the good stuff,was weighing a hefty 115-117 on a good day weighed in last night 108.8 pretty happy will aim for 100 kgs haven’t been this weight for 10 years easy I do roughly 13kms a day walking over my 12 hour day at work but just cutting the “essentials” will get you going keep strong fellas say no to the dimsim!
  5. I have a set for snowboarding and they dont work very well, not goggle man stuff but thanks I'll have a look into that company
  6. Googles I always carry but only for riding in the rain, need as much air flow possible otherwise the glasses just fog up, no gloves mate just doesnt work and never has such a shame though Yeh look for the price I'll give it a crack if not back to tubliss, always wanted to give them a go so let's see how they treat me
  7. Bikes had a massive overhaul Power valve gasket and new bendex under warranty 7 hours old and failed Full suspension revalve/spring to suit my weight Acerbis bark busters some lift straps and bling bits Good old mooses and new golden tyres soo excited I'm going to roost my Neighbours house Going to the longest 5 weeks now the bikes finally set up dissa is calling my name lmfao
  8. Yep I have the both style of stands, oil changes not that hard as I use the slavens racing drain valve tool, yeh I like the idea of not having to use a stand while on the larger lift to take suspension and wheels off to do maintenance seems like a winner so far just want to see how stable it is once fully extended
  9. While the 300 is away getting the works done suspension, tyres, oil leak, starter looked at. I have given the shed a clean up and think I need, well let me rephrase that I want a hydraulic lift to help work on the bike being able to lift her up another half a meter would save me busting my back in the late hours or cold, anyone have one of these to chime some info in. Only 200 difference between the 2 but the smaller style would be better I think easier to pack away and keep the room cleaner cheers a mate has the more expensive versions at his shop but for 400 odd bucks it has me interested
  10. go pro was covered in mud all day so didnt quite score alot of goodies
  11. First wet level 3 ride and shit it was on, the boys that came wow I cant explain how impressed I was, next ride tyres 150% and a new tyre gauge 😂, i now have a goal to reach 3rd gear hill with 17 psi than I can die happy but honestly i cannot thank everyone for the help when I was on my side from the slippery tree roots and let's do that again I'm sure the go pro has some footage will post it up shortly
  12. How good is the look out hill, the top rocks can catch you off guard so easily, must try one of gypsys loops soon
  13. Boys, all i can say is wow, wanted a challenge and this was it, it broke me 8kms done out of 12 couldnt handle anymore had an off on arm felt like it ripped bicep to elbow so had to reitire, so 12 months to get level 4+ fit and skills up see you out there
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