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  1. Are we there yet? Will probably leave the house tomorrow for my weekly 'gotta go outside for some reason'. At the moment I'm all Rocky Bobby, I just wanna go fast!
  2. Mechz

    Just a thought.

    Yes because cyclists and runners never get hit by cars or trucks or trams... Honestly, this bloke is just repeating the drivel he's fed from higher up. There's no real thought or data analysis in what he's been fed.
  3. Oil was black and appeared to be the same consistency as the stuff going in, definitely no water. When I checked the coolant in Jan it was fine. Overflow tank looks normal (never moves much). When I did the change I didn't warm up the bike but it had been sitting since November. Always turn the fuel off and saw the tap was in the off position. Could it be that last time when I did the oil warm it didn't all drain out because it was in one of the pipes going to the strainer or something?
  4. So today I go and change the oil and filter on my 06 WR450F. Drain into oil pan as normal. Put the plug back in, filter change etc. Refill with 1.1L as per manual. Then I get the old oil, put it into a 1.25L and it overflows! Get another bottle and mop up the spill because I just assumed it can't be more than the 1.2L the book states. All up I estimate 1.4L came out, maybe a touch more. I definitely didn't overfill last time (1.1L as per book) and never topped it up. Anyone got any ideas??
  5. Looks like everyone had a blast, what a team! Very sad not to make this one. Only got back from QLD on Wednesday super late but had a bit of the flu that's still attached to me so couldn't get my shit together in time unfortunately. I'll put up a lazy Labertouche level 1 ride as soon as I can get well and my bike serviced etc. Cheers, Kris
  6. Rounding up any type of animal on a 2 stroke sounds like a challenge and also deafening.
  7. Vids not loading up for me...unsure why. Am on a mobile device. Link seems broken Works ok for me, try the direct url youtu.be/_7LKqMaAfds?list=PLW8KsZMVrJRhh9SFigVpoV9e-iP5hqH5b
  8. Great vids Andy, helps me see how much more momentum I need to carry to get up that terrain properly.
  9. Thanks to all for a great ride day especially Andy and Badger. Sorry I didn't get a chance to stay for the BBQ or goodbyes as I had a concert to get to in Thornbury via Oakleigh & Brunny (made it right on time). Will definitely have to do some maintenance and pick up some spare bits for future rides. Have a couple vids from that bloody hill...
  10. Damn that looks like the beez knees of a weekend, good job! I wish I had a spot in the country like that, getting on the bike whenever I want would be awesome.
  11. Kris here, just got my first 2 wheeled dirt bike last week (grew up on a farm with a Honda trike that I am totally pro at riding). Apart from an hour riding in the dirt/mud last weekend have only done my learners course so 100% n00b on 2 wheels. Have to store my bike (06 WR450F) at my mates place as I live inner north but up for rides just about anywhere around Vic. Side note, if anyone knows how to get my odometer/speedo working it would be handy, it's all powered on just doesn't tick over. I'm guessing it's the cable to the front wheel?
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