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  1. Your bike will handle like a Harley with all that fork rake slow to turn and plow straight ahead You may like it but I doubt it If funds are that tight you can lift the forks through the triple clamps to correct this Good luck
  2. Hi looking to upgrade my GPS currently have a garmin Zumo 550 Looking at the Montana 680 what are people using etc and any ideas on where I might get a good price
  3. Hi mate I have the same 2018 300 tpi Check out cyclopsadventuresports in the US they do a range of replacement led bulbs and light bars I have there complete replacement bulb set up it’s 38 watt and so much better than the stock light it’s unbelievable and gives you high and low beam in the headlight so nothing extra to mount on the bike It not cheap at US$100 plus freight But I was like you very scared of overdrawing the electrical system with computers etc involved
  4. Unfortunately the shock is a different length as mentioned And the front axle is a smaller diameter But you should be able to change the forks you will just need the bigger axle and wheel bearing spacers to suit I don’t think the triple offset will be a show stopper as kind as the fork tube is the same I have early twin chamber forks in my 2018 with the same axle wheel spacer problems
  5. So was I and no real help from the US there either so couldn’t see how it was going to cause any significant damage so went for it
  6. I have 2018 TPI 6 day 500km 20hrs has always run fine was a bit hard to start on colder mornings minus temperatures before i did throttle stop mod(check out Slavens video on line its worth it. Just buy a 50mm M5 x.8 bolt and find a small spring NGK plugs are available direct from NGK in Brisbane now I believe order 2 payed $17 each. Changed power valve spring to the green one. Smoothed the power out to a flatter torque curve. overall a great bike i came from a 500 but before that many 300s and think the TPI is a big step forward and the only way to keep the 2T alive
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