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  1. AJL

    New here...

    Hi there.. thanks for the responces... i ride a KTM 350 excf 2017. Been on it for over a year now. I ride every 2-3 weeks at least. I have done rides with the Aussie dirtbike tours & Haasle free tours too. They tell me my level is Intermediate to advanced!? i have made new riding buddies through these tours rides, which is great! so I heard you grade your riders/ride so you are riding with riders at a similar level. Great idea I believe! hence my interest in you site & ride... I have done training days with Tim Coleman and I have practiced on a trials bike to improve my enduro ride ability, and I am loving being back on the bike after a 20 year break.... what grading would give me then?
  2. AJL

    New here...

    Hello fellow dirt bike riders... i am new here and I wish to understand how your bike riding level/grading works? Just so I can work out where I fit, as I wish to ride with new people on new tracks.. thanks in advance. Ajl....