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  1. It looks like after this weekend there is a very good chance we will be permitted to go enduro riding again.
  2. I cannot believe that you actually get taxed on the job keeper payments. That is unacceptable and unwarranted
  3. I have been fortunate enough that I have not been made redundant from my position at PIAVE (owned by the Crema group ) and I have managed to pick up a second source of income by going back to working on a casual basis at All Green Nursery. However PIAVE like every other company/industry does have its downfalls, they are in many ways unscrupulous with how they treat their staff and sub contractors, for example they have only been giving us company employees the minimum forty hours a week and I am presuming they will continue to do this for the duration of this stage four lockdown. So I am only
  4. What size are the rims on a Yamaha WR 250 2016 model ?
  5. Thank you to Britto and Egg for orchestrating this whole event. I relished every minute of the ride and at times it really tested my mental fortitude and resilience which was great. My leg is sore but itโ€™s not enduro riding if you donโ€™t come away with some battle scars, thank you also to everyone who was able to assist myself and others when it was needed, I will be forever great full ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ™
  6. Hello I am Dominic and I am a level two to a level two plus rider, I live in Maribyrnong so travelling to your neck of the woods is great for me.
  7. Hi let me know if you are keen for a ride around Neerim as I haven't ventured out that way yet.
  8. I will have to hit you up for a ride soon then
  9. Thank you for inviting myself and everyone out today, thank you for organising this riding event and thank you to everyone for assisting myself when the riding became a little difficult. Despite the conditions it was a great experience to be out there mid week riding with everyone out in the open, hopefully some more mid week rides can be organised again soon and hopefully I will see most of you for the ride at Bendigo on the 27th of June.
  10. I hope you enjoyed it, you should come out riding next Sunday.
  11. Hello my name is Dominic, I live in Maribyrnong and I am quite content to go riding anywhere. I am a level to level two plus rider if thatโ€™s ok with you ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  12. Hi my name is Dominic and I am a level 2 to a level 2 plus. I am quite content to go riding anywhere just to make you aware.
  13. Hello my name is Dominic and I am a level 2 to 2+ rider, I live in Maribyrnong.
  14. Hello my name is Dominic and I am a level 2 to level two+ rider, I reside in Maribyrnong. I am quite content to go riding anywhere if that is convenient for yourself.