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  1. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Hazelwood with Greasa15

    First would like to thank Greasa15 again for organising this ride was a level 1 ride but I’d say there was some small level 2 involved, that didn’t seem to bother anyone. Was a pretty good turnout for the weather we had 13 all up I think, meeting at Longwarry and soon as we set off damn did we have some rain got to the unloading spot few light showers then was a perfect day couldn’t have asked for a better day. Greasa up front leading the way and I believe frank sweeping most of the day, (sorry if I got that wrong frank) Thanks a lot guys. We had some nice open fire trails obviously a few decent puddles then some tight stuff and I think everyone on this ride had a great time. Lunch time greasa offers a level 2 loop for anyone interested a few of us take him up on that and all got through pretty well, one little slick hill caught a couple up but nothing to worry about. I got a quick video of some on a hill not sure who I got on camera but one bloke may have cursed a little but he got there. Will post up later. Also had a couple ladies on this ride sorry not sure of names but all rode great all day, never wanted any assistance and got through everything no problems well done ladies.
  2. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Huski's Hazelwood

    Yeah thanks Huski for organising the ride Greasa15 for leading and showing me some awesome tracks and huski’s mate mick on the big 450. Had a great days riding plenty of challenges and some nice flowy tracks, definitely want to head back to hazelwood for another ride. Good ride huski making up that hill photo definitely doesn’t do it justice.