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  1. Was with a mate who’s got a 19 XC 300 but I think that’s a bit to motorX for me. Probably wouldn’t be comfortable riding someone’s else’s bike at the moment just come back from 4 months of the bike from a broken foot, But appreciate it maybe in the future mate
  2. Yeah that sounds good. Just had my second ride back today at neerim since my accident so hopefully will be able to come on one of your rides again soon.
  3. Yeah I’d be keen to have a ride on a 250 tpi I hear the difference between the 250 and 300 is pretty big. Might have to organise a ride.
  4. I’ve been thinking about a 2020 300 exc but only ridden 4t’s so I’m not sure if I wanna make the switch.
  5. Yes they are pretty bad All over Gippsland, let’s hope this cooler weather slows them down.
  6. Thanks a lot for the offer eagle you are a great bloke got my wife In tears from your offer.
  7. Longwarry outbound servos
  8. First one a mates at drouin and the second is me on the way out just outta Modella
  9. Cheers mate we are heading to cranbourne now got family there, much appreciated for the offer
  10. Yeah mate I’m from Longwarry just in the heart of the small town. We been told to evacuate or stay and defend. House and cars covered in ash. As I’m in a cast from and injury last weekend me the wife and two young kids have left. Just pray that people and animals can all get out.
  11. Gypsy posts up a level 3 ride at wombat... I’m thinking to myself I’ve heard gypsy loves a hill climb and he sets a quick pace... considering this thinking thinking and then I said stuff it let’s have a go, pm gypsy to see if I could come along after a few msgs he says your welcome to come. Set for a 7:00am meet up so two and a bit hours drive for me and I’m rolling into the forest around 6:30 following a car with a bike thinking to myself has to someone from our group but stupid me keeps on driving when they turn into the car park I head off down the road a little wait for 10-15 then realise yep that was the car park I needed so head back and a few cars are there unloading, great start for me.. Quick hello to everyone gear up and we set off around 7:30 for a estimated 100k First few tracks were great fast flowing and no problems from this group of riders, my first incident happens during a little up hill with a log across the track no problems for anyone else but myself seemed to screw it up and launch the poor kato sky high then straight down on the bars few problems with the bike but gypsy’s help and knowledge got me all sorted and we were off. As I thought gypsy had us going up and down some pretty decent hills I managed to get up them all eventually the other riders just stormed up and down them all no problems. At about the 50 odd k mark nice easy wide flowing track it turned to crap for me... out of no where smashed my left foot into one of those cheeky logs didn’t even see it coming and damn did it get me, knew straight away it wasn’t good got to the end of the track I believe it was Sabo stopped to check in and I explained and he’s like nah don’t take that boot off I’ll get you back to the car. He takes off to find the group I’m thinking about trying to push on coz I was having a blast but in the end I retreated to the car and wasn’t feeling the best. Struggles to get the boot off and then it was apparent it wasn’t good. Get loaded and in the car which is manual so that was not fun for a two hour drive, straight to the hospital X-ray and the fun stuff and just a fracture of the nevicular bone and major swelling so will just wait for a follow up and either cast for a couple weeks or the good old moon boot. Really like to thank gypsy for letting me come on the ride and showing me what this level 3 is all about thanks to all the guys sabo for being sweep and eating dust all day bubalu, dress, and mevstar. Sabo thanks for offering to get me back to the car but I’m glad you finished your day off. Maybe one day I will get the courage to have a crack at THE WALL well done gypsy and mevstar for showing us how it’s done.
  12. 100% 2019 ktm 250 EXC F is a great bike in the bush just got myself one and absolutely loving it
  13. Big thanks to magenta for putting on the ride I had a great time. Riles and crusier thanks for sweeping duties. Was a good day out for all besides hoff but I’m sure he’ll be back on the tracks in no time. Happy new year everyone stay safe.
  14. Big thanks to Andy for putting on this ride and for sweep duties. Thanks to Greg for leading us around some nice tracks. I had a great day on the bike even with all the dust. Good bunch of guys to ride with and looking forward to the next ride. Also thanks to Anthony for the pre ride.
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