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  1. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    What State, Suburb is everybody from ???

    Longwarry 3816
  2. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Ktm 300 exc or ktm 250 exc-f?

    100% 2019 ktm 250 EXC F is a great bike in the bush just got myself one and absolutely loving it
  3. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Hoffs Dissapointment.

    Big thanks to magenta for putting on the ride I had a great time. Riles and crusier thanks for sweeping duties. Was a good day out for all besides hoff but I’m sure he’ll be back on the tracks in no time. Happy new year everyone stay safe.
  4. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Badgers Neerim 18/11/18

    Big thanks to Andy for putting on this ride and for sweep duties. Thanks to Greg for leading us around some nice tracks. I had a great day on the bike even with all the dust. Good bunch of guys to ride with and looking forward to the next ride. Also thanks to Anthony for the pre ride.
  5. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Neerim the 11th Sunday funday!

    Hahah yeah that would be me. I stuck with a ktm 250 exc-f just a little newer than the 0 12
  6. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Neerim the 11th Sunday funday!

    What a great ride! Had a great day at neerim with Anthony leading us around he knew he’s way around I think he had to check gps once. Great tracks and really good group of guys to ride with. Thanks for putting up the ride Anthony and frank and cruiser for coming along really enjoyed myself. Until next time guys.
  7. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    3 Seasons in one day at Hazelwood L1+

    As everyone has mentioned big thanks to Greasa for putting on the ride. He really gives us a bit of everything at hazelwood I really enjoy the riding there. Thanks to Paul for sharing sweep duties in the morning looking forward to heading out with you in the future. Thanks to the guys that were sweeping in the arvo. I think enough has been said about the roosting and splashing definitely not on for a level 1 ride I’ll leave it at that. Big thanks to frank and the other guy sorry can’t remember your name for the tow and push back to the car lucky we were reasonably close to the cars. As for the bike well let’s just say that was it’s last ride glad I had a good time. Time to start shopping I think.
  8. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Drowned four stroke?

    Thanks cluffie
  9. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Drowned four stroke?

    Yeah got it sorted new plug dumped the oil a few times
  10. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Drowned four stroke?

    I only had good oil to flush through was planning on flushing a few times but was out of oil, will grab some cheap oil and flush a few times and Will run over all the electrical connections with WD and just grab myself a new plug. Thanks
  11. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Drowned four stroke?

    Looking for some advise on what I should do after dropping my bike in a creek? Plenty of water in air box, plug out full of water and plug was well over due for change. Removed air filter and plug cranked it till the water was out and got it running and back to the car. Got home did oil and oil filter change had it running then died, didn’t have a spare plug so won’t run now. Is there anything I need to be worried about? Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks.
  12. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    I would like to thank everyone that put this ride together, was my first big ride with DirtriderZ and it was awesome. I was on the level 2 ride with coggs and I really enjoyed it he really knows he’s way around, was some really nice trails thanks to everyone on the level 2 sweeps and coggs for giving us a great day. Looking forward to some more DirtriderZ rides and hopefully some more out Gippsland way if anyone rides out this way I’m keen save the 2+ hours travel anyways thanks again to everyone involved. This group is really good for people like me who doesn’t have many mates that ride anymore.
  13. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Coggs' Mt Dissa Lvl 2 Friday 14/9

    I’d like to thank Coggs for organising this ride not very often I have a weekday off and when this ride popped up I was all over it! My first time at dissa and have to say I’m keen to head back there great tracks and the small group we had was great. Thanks everyone for the ride and hope Lindon gets those rear brakes sorted out.
  14. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Hazelwood with Greasa15

    First would like to thank Greasa15 again for organising this ride was a level 1 ride but I’d say there was some small level 2 involved, that didn’t seem to bother anyone. Was a pretty good turnout for the weather we had 13 all up I think, meeting at Longwarry and soon as we set off damn did we have some rain got to the unloading spot few light showers then was a perfect day couldn’t have asked for a better day. Greasa up front leading the way and I believe frank sweeping most of the day, (sorry if I got that wrong frank) Thanks a lot guys. We had some nice open fire trails obviously a few decent puddles then some tight stuff and I think everyone on this ride had a great time. Lunch time greasa offers a level 2 loop for anyone interested a few of us take him up on that and all got through pretty well, one little slick hill caught a couple up but nothing to worry about. I got a quick video of some on a hill not sure who I got on camera but one bloke may have cursed a little but he got there. Will post up later. Also had a couple ladies on this ride sorry not sure of names but all rode great all day, never wanted any assistance and got through everything no problems well done ladies.
  15. GRANT_KTM_250_EXC-F

    Huski's Hazelwood

    Yeah thanks Huski for organising the ride Greasa15 for leading and showing me some awesome tracks and huski’s mate mick on the big 450. Had a great days riding plenty of challenges and some nice flowy tracks, definitely want to head back to hazelwood for another ride. Good ride huski making up that hill photo definitely doesn’t do it justice.