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  1. Bidders 4wd in Cranbourne they do them everyday of the week.
  2. Merry Christmas to all the DirtriderZ crew, people who run the forum and all the people that post and run rides without all you guys it wouldn’t be anything. Glad I’m apart of this great group. Hope everyone stays safe and enjoys some beverages.
  3. That’s all good mate. Have a great Christmas and be safe see you in the new year
  4. Just going to my two cents only been a member for a year. Understand what people are saying it’s a annual ride for all levels but the level 3+ 4 riders can’t really use their skills and knowledge forward on a level 2 ride. They are alway willing and offer step up rides for example Gypsy is the best and generous guy for doing this he has accepted people on he’s rides and they might slow he’s rides but he will never crack it, full of experience and knowledge so if a level 2 to 2+ rider wants to try he has all the time in the world. If anyone has a chance to ride with him buzz, mevstar then they
  5. Can’t wait to join you up there if you’ll have me mate [emoji123]
  6. Mate that sounds awesome besides the temp. I’ve recently moved from Melbourne to Brisbane and was so keen on this ride, but currently in Sydney for work in the new year I’ll be keen to head out with you early start early finish works well for me.
  7. Hawkins is a big loss for Geelong
  8. Well bad luck Geelong been pretty good all year and probably deserved to be there next week. Maybe next year my bombers can have a decent go at it.
  9. Yeah I think your right. But still 5 minutes Alright so maybe it’s the tigers
  10. And I’ve seen some videos on them will rusty buckles that will not do anything to save you, I believe they have changed with the newer models but i still wouldn’t trust them.
  11. TLD SE POLY has got my vote best helmet I’ve ever owned so light and comfy but is pricey, but if it saves your head from serious injury I say it’s worth it. Tried on a V3 and straight away didn’t like the fit. That’s my two cents anyways.
  12. 450 odd kms round trip for me from home and return slight detour on the way home, stopped to be a good bloke and help someone out who had just gone off the black stuff and sunk in some mud, I pull off to help out and guess what I’m stuck!! Not much good having a 4wd without 4wd tyres I gave Pepperjack a quick call and he’s this much of a nice bloke was gonna drive to he’s place in Sunbury grab some straps and come all the way back very much appreciated mate, lucky some nice locals driving past helped us both out not without giving me some shit. So yeah the ride sorry... what a awesome day o
  13. Hey buzz I’m keen to see how pretty it looks afterwards.
  14. Swann also covers the bike during transport.
  15. Pepperjack did wombat and did it well!! Massive thanks to Pepperjack and IanM for leading us all around some great tracks, was a perfect day to be out on the bikes. Big group of riders and surprisingly there was minimal holds up’s great job to everyone riding was on point I’d say. Big thanks to the two sweeps for the day. Trailz I believe that was me behind you as you took your glamorous slide down the hill, definitely did it with style. Andy350 think I owe you some mud roosting stupid me stopped behind you when you stopped in a little bog hole then you opened up that 350 and I ate it. Ch
  16. Thanks Frank yes you were right there and thanks again for the tow back to the cars. This was more just a thought as I can get a SXF engine cheap ish and was wanting to know if it was easy as pull old out and new in then I could sell it for something. I am pretty happy with having it sit around for spare parts.
  17. Thanks for that I did have a look at the part numbers and seen they were different but wasn’t sure if it would still mount the same. I yes I understand the gearing would be different it was more I can get a SXF engine reasonably cheap and can’t find a EXCF engine complete anywhere.
  18. it’s right on the join if the cases.
  19. Have a 2012 250 EXC-F with a stuffed engine well there’s a hole in the bottom, my question is if I can get a 2013 250 SXF engine will that bolt straight into the 2012 frame? Or is there anyone out there who won’t charge me a fortune to pull the old one down and see what’s actually happened?
  20. Was with a mate who’s got a 19 XC 300 but I think that’s a bit to motorX for me. Probably wouldn’t be comfortable riding someone’s else’s bike at the moment just come back from 4 months of the bike from a broken foot, But appreciate it maybe in the future mate
  21. Yeah that sounds good. Just had my second ride back today at neerim since my accident so hopefully will be able to come on one of your rides again soon.