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  1. To old to ride

    Overheating Husky te300

    Remove the thormostate have done this to all my 300 including my sons and his friends 17/300 and there both guns and ride fun tracks on 30 c dayes no boiling ,
  2. To old to ride

    Lost and Found

    I used to be Craig sx250 now I'm to old to ride I'm only good for 20 k rides lost something along the way please keep a eye out for it
  3. To old to ride

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    I'm 65 not 85 .Who ever said getting old is something to look forward to was a young person . You now when you are getting old when you best friend is you Doctor as you see him more often than you friends.
  4. To old to ride

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    50 I'd like that again the day im only good for leval one rides is the day I take up LAWN BOWELS
  5. To old to ride

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    65 how old do you have to be to be old
  6. To old to ride

    15/16 KTM SXF 450 AS A TRAIL BIKE

    I changed my name now I'm to old to ride . I went for the tried and true stuck with 15/ KTM 300 I've had them for years now them in side out .Now I need to get a bucket of energy to ride here HA HA HA HA .
  7. To old to ride

    To be or not to be night ride

    No way to much wild life bad during the day out of control at night
  8. To old to ride

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    Another 6 months before I can get the pension the Government keep changing the goal posts. Could someone delete my old username Craig sx250 couldn't log in so had to sigh up again doesn't worry me as I'm to old to be sx250
  9. To old to ride

    Dirtriderz Birthday Thread

    I'm there today twic
  10. To old to ride

    ADV riding

    This is my current ADV RIDE . Not many modes just rake on the back for day trips running 15 / 48 Gering dot knobbeys my ADVriding is mainly old fashion trail riding the only difference is I ride frome home . Don't do long weekenders any more due to old age (65 this month ) past rides DR650 , KTM 525 18,000 KS , KTM 530, KTM 640, BMW 800 GS WAY TO HEAVY,