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  1. To old to ride


    Fire nothing more frighting good luck to you all good to see you are all leaving we don't want any dead heroes
  2. Can you ride on weekdays may be looking at this Wednesday for a harf day
  3. Rode it yesterday wash today ( it rained all day at Narbe ) that's it it's a 2 banger .
  4. Strange been setting them up like that for 40 years more bottom end more traction .
  5. Turning the screw in will make the hit harder if ites a kato flush with case is the best comes on the pipe gentall if you run the green Spring green Spring less arm pump will ride like a four stroke .
  6. Do the same but at a slower pace .
  7. 65 me to rock on .My rides get shorter and the hilles get flatter . And the tablet tally in the morning keeps increasing
  8. At my age I've ridden all of then at least 6/10 times but with my memory going I could do them over again
  9. Stay with the 300 I've done the same as you whent the 4 banger way then back to the 300 .
  10. Remove the thormostate have done this to all my 300 including my sons and his friends 17/300 and there both guns and ride fun tracks on 30 c dayes no boiling ,
  11. I used to be Craig sx250 now I'm to old to ride I'm only good for 20 k rides lost something along the way please keep a eye out for it
  12. I'm 65 not 85 .Who ever said getting old is something to look forward to was a young person . You now when you are getting old when you best friend is you Doctor as you see him more often than you friends.
  13. 50 I'd like that again the day im only good for leval one rides is the day I take up LAWN BOWELS