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  1. Yep beggers cant be choosers especially at that price. Not at all worried about scratching it up its covered in scratches already, knocked off 4 indicators in the last two weeks and broken my speed sensor twice. I forgot to mention its a drz400 not a drz250, feels like a bit of a pig in tight trails. Taken it on some and it takes it out of me. Have been looking in to the kx looks about perfect for what i want, I find it strange that all the jap smokers are mxers Once again very informative post! Exactly! As long as it does its job im happy, for that price it wont be my dream bike. I never realised the wr came as a 2 stroke, the more you know! Lets be honest for 1500 i really wouldnt expect an electric start on the bike and if it had one I doubt it would work. but hey wouldnt be complaining guessing most of this post is irrelevant (shorter seat height oooofft) but its a drz400 not 250
  2. Thanks for the thorough advice 2t4me, any reason you think stick with a jap a few older over a euro a few years newer? WIll definately check out the kdx and rmx, is there any difference between a wr and yz250? It is relative thats why i said cheap as chips hahah to show i really meant cheap. Ideally im thinking under 1500 and ill just run it into the ground
  3. So basically you think an old 2 stroke will weigh about the same as the drz and I may aswell stay with my newer more powerful drz as itl beat it in every way? whats a good entry level bike would you say then?
  4. Hey guys, Just got into riding recently and got myself a dual sport (DRZ) as didnt know what i wanted to do. I am looking at getting a new bike to hit trails on and was after some advice? Ideally this is what I am after Very Cheap - an old jap bike maybe? If it runs its probably fine it doesnt need to last me very long 2 stroke - probably least important but would like a 2 stroke as seems more responsive and nippy which sounds great fun on dirt. (also easier/cheaper to work on???) 150-300cc? (if anyone thinks otherwise as a beginner please let me know) Enduro Was looking at the yz250 however it seems its more suited to motorcross, is this true? Heard a few mods (like flywheel) are important. I want something ill be able to improve on and test my skills - considering I have only been out on dirt a handfuls of times pretty much anything will do that xD Opinions would be great thanks again guys In short - cheap old jap enduro 250 2stroke recommendations?