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  1. Welcome mate, you’ve come to the right place, watch the vids regarding levels and jump on a ride.
  2. Awesome ride mate, glad you had a good day, time to lose those dirty ciggies.
  3. That’s a sexy bike Frank, welcome to the smokers lounge.
  4. Recently been converted to Mo-Tech bike wash.... Quite surprised, easy process and does a good job.
  5. Yeah i noticed you gelled with the other fake ktm rider.
  6. Cheers Andy, had a great day, big thanks to stinky for chopping me out with the flat.
  7. Great idea Andy, and im eagerly awaiting your next wombat ride.
  8. After a ride i go to the car wash, spray it down with a can of degreaser, wait a couple of minutes, hit it with the pressure washer. The drive home with it on the trailer dries up excess water, once home if i can be bothered i’ll remove air filter, plug intake, spray degreaser in the airbox and hose out. Yes, i’ve spent enough on wheel bearings and degreaser to buy another house. And when i want her to look pretty i hit her with tyre shine.
  9. Altered carbon Lots of violence lots of nudity.
  10. Try illusion tpi (Louie) Pretty sure he stocks trials tires.
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