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  1. ScOtTTy

    Word Association...

    to lubricate
  2. ScOtTTy

    Word Association...

    Coloured discharge
  3. ScOtTTy

    Word Association...

  4. ScOtTTy

    Word Association...

  5. ScOtTTy

    Word Association...

  6. ScOtTTy

    Ballan 11th

  7. ScOtTTy

    Ballan 11th

    Was a good day , so good i came twice.
  8. ScOtTTy

    MT Dissa Mon 5th Nov L2

    Apart from being crook and dehydrated i had a great day. Cheers Snowy
  9. ScOtTTy

    Lost and Found

    It’s still there, me and beechy hung it off a tree last weekend.
  10. ScOtTTy

    Dirtbike riders busted Herald/Sun

    In other news, 150 south Sudanese “Australians” found fighting and rioting, 15 elderly citizens seriously assaulted, 2 million dollars of damage occurred 32 members of the police hospitalized. No arrests have been made. Great work Mr Daniel Andrews.
  11. ScOtTTy

    What GPS are you using and why

    I use Motionx-gps on my phone. When im on my bike i become Forest Gump and just keep going, most of the time i have NFI where i am, so it’s my insurance policy.
  12. ScOtTTy

    To be or not to be night ride

    Not too keen on killing wombats, but the night ride sounds like a buzz.
  13. ScOtTTy

    Expanding the vocabulary @ Dissa!

    Cheers for a mad day Biggie, bro that was a decapitated cow with its spine removed. Crazy