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  1. Thanks heaps for the day out guys on my first ride. It was heaps of fun I nearly jumped straight into a dam which would have been funny. Special thanks to Fab Central vic and Brown balls for leading and sweeping. spewing Browballs had to take off he knows he’s way around dissa. The weather was perfect and the wet tracks settled the dust. A really great bunch of blokes. Bring the 300 next time Bruce!
  2. Awesome mate thanks heaps for the info let me know when your heading out next and I’ll try tag along. If a couple of mate are interested is it ok to bring them obviously if there are spots available.
  3. Awesome thanks mate I’m with you you there’s another way up to the right of swamp hill it’s heaps easier. there’s also a hill with a decent sized rock at the top of it near 3rd gear hill that you can sit on after my offs. Do you know where the 3 sisters are?
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome guys much appreciated. Sounds like a lot of fun I live in the northern suburbs Doreen way I’m 33 so I still have a bit of feeling down there. I’ve pretty much had a dirt bike sitting around as long as I can remember. I’m riding a 17 300xc at the moment helps a lot with the electric leg and being light as shit. it’s hard getting mates motivated at times so it would be good to catch up with a few of you blokes for a ride. Dissa is the closest to my house I’ve done a fair bit of exploring I usually start in Wandong and make my way down to Anderson’s garden. I’m not sure of the names of the hills and tracks but I’ve been up a few of them. There’s a hill with a xy sitting half way up it that’s probably the hardest one I’ve done out there. I’ve heard some people on this site call a couple of hills hamburger sisters 3rd gear hill swamp hill off camber hill I’m not sure what’s what. How would I find out what hills are called what? Are there any gps maps on site?
  5. Thanks Andy. Have you been a member for awhile? do you get out riding a fair bit?
  6. Hi guys name Brett how are we all?