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  1. Thanks Riles. Good day out.
  2. Bit late getting onto the ride report but better late than never... The day started out very poorly for me with a lack of sleep the night before. Never a good ride prep to not be rested. Fitness is a problem too. Half an hour in I could easily have headed for the car. Once I convinced Gypsy to let me sweep I was much better off, more able to just cruise along. As others have said, Cruiser's Cruisy Ride was ANYTHING BUT CRUISY. Great pace all day. Due to earlier excuses, didn't contribute much to the playing on the hills. Rode all those that were necessary only. Thanks heaps Cruiser for putting the day on. It was more than just a ride, you put in quite an effort pre-cooking the BBQ and bringing beers etc. Awesome job. Thanks to all the other riders for a great day out. Until next year.....
  3. Not a single bruise on me, but still pretty sore around the ribs area. It'll heal.
  4. Sorry to say that I was one of the crash statistics on the day (twice actually) Thanks Olly for picking me and the bike up after the first one and the sweeps for picking the bike up the second time. I've done some damage in the rib area and prolly cost me a helmet but mostly OK. Thanks heaps to all that put so much effort into organising the ride, food, bbqs etc. Awesome job. Thanks to Bear for leading and to B1 & B2 (Brian and Bruce) for sweeping.
  5. That's Strath Creek. Used to be a great pub there (still there but been closed for a few years now) that we used to ride to from Dissa years ago. Which way did you drive to Tallarook to be going through Strath Creek.
  6. Haha, nothing optional about a hill!!
  7. Thanks for a good day out yesterday. Thanks for Cruiser leading and Howard for hanging out in our dust all day. Clean air filters all around I reckon (except Cruiser of course).
  8. All the best of luck Buzz and Mev. I'll be cheering from the side of the track in as many places as I can.
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