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  1. It is worth checking the fuel hose coupling is connected properly. Can be fiddly to get to seal 100% and can feel like it has clicked in but hasn't.
  3. Thanks to Gypsy and Jaey for coming along for an awesome day. The forecast looked wet in the lead up and for the ride but fortunately there was hardly a cloud in the sky all day. Good mix of terrain from the coast into the rainforest. Nice and wet, perfect Otways conditions, plenty of clay hills, wet logs and picturesque scenery, it was good as a ride gets. Hanging out for the next one.
  4. Awesome ride at Goughs. Didn't take long to warm up from the 0deg start with plenty of hilly, flowing trails that were done at a good pace and a few slippery logs keeping it interesting. Always good to see more of the trails out there and these were unreal - very keen to get out there again and go a bit further. Thanks Gypsy for organising and sweeping and Habs for leading was good to catch up with/ meet everyone else.
  5. You've summed up the ride pretty well Noodle! After a detour and a late start we got into the ride, some hills, some creeks, drowned bikes, fouled plugs, some lifting, pushing and very wet feet. Overall great ride with good guys was heaps of fun. Little sore today from lifting bikes out of a creek. Thanks Mick, Noodle and Frank!
  6. 2019 TPI was good 2020 TPI is amazing
  7. Thanks for leading Roland, was a great day out riding!
  8. Try for gps mounts. There is a distributor in victoria - hard enduro parts
  9. Had a great ride yesterday with the guys, first dirtriderz ride and an absolute blast. After a chilly ride out to paddys from anglesea managed to warm up quite quicky on some very fun tracks. Had a few close calls and nearly ended up laying down in a decent sized puddle but managed to save myself. Thanks to bear for letting me jump on board and pete for leading/ sweeping, everyone else for being so hospitable and trailz for some laughs! Can't wait for the next one.