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  1. As an absolute newbie I can’t imagine a better first time out. It was awesome. Pepperjack’s organising and leading, Roger making sure we didn’t get left behind and the rest of the lads were just great. Had the flexibility to ride at a pace that suited each’s skill level and desire while at the same time all enjoying the experience. The variety of trails and surfaces was ideal for me. Like katman, all I knew was a general idea of were I was and having a blast. It was an epic for sure. I left home at 8 am and back at around 7PM - 410 km - not bad for first ride. (Not that I necessarily want to be quite that long in future) Definitely signing up for more Thank you to all for wonderful experience.
  2. I'm a neebie and just finished scanning the posts - thanks everybody for the advice - I had figured out some of it myself but picked up lot of good ideas
  3. Hi Thanks for quick response. I now realize it not really worth it.
  4. it would be great if able to search upcoming ride posting by level as it would save scrolling through those not relevant to a riders's level
  5. Try Easy Trailer - light , flexible design, lower bed height, folds for storage, new at $1250 for 8x4 with wheel chock and spare wheel- I don;t have actual experience with one but been doing research and decided to by this one -
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