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  1. Being my first ride with the crew and somewhat a newbie, I felt challenged without being totally overwhelmed. The pace was good and the group stayed together for the most part. I learnt so much and I'm keen to head back to put these new skills into practice. I've gained greater confidence to tackle the hills. I wanna go back and nail that track out of the gully with the raised tree root.
  2. Hey @Raffy22 thanks for putting this ride together!! I had such a awesome day. Was a great first ride with the Dirtriderz group!! A special thanks to @Bearfor leading today and especially for your help with my bike!! Just those few small tweeks made the world of difference. Was great to meet everyone and I look forward to getting out again with you all soon.
  3. Afternoon team, I'm not a totally new member, I created a account a few years back but never really posted in or monitored the forum. Im in Lara, out near Geelong. Although ive been riding bike for about the last 15 years, its only in the last few years have become interested in offroad/enduro/adventure riding. I've got an '09 KTM 250exc and try to get out in the bush as much as home life will permit. Which is typically about every 6 weeks. I love the challenge this type of riding throw at us. The struggles and the obstacle presented are the best form of relaxation for me. They help de-stress me and reset my mind. I come home feeling recharged and a better bloke. I'm sure everyone on here feels the same!! I've just read through the post on the Whipsticks level 1/2 ride. Sounded like it was a great ride and i wished I'd know about it sooner. I've ridden in Whipsticks before and would love to learn some more tracks! If anyone is heading out there soon I'd love to tag along! Cheers Jimi
  4. Hi lads my name is James but my mate call me Scoot. I thought I'd introduce myself. Im fairly new to enduro/trail riding.I've been riding road bikes for years but decided to head in a new direction. I picked up a '09 KTM 250exc a couple of months ago and I'm having a ball riding it. So far I've been out to Wombat and went to Whipsticks last weekend. Gonna head back there and take some time getting some basics mastered. Cheers Scoot
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