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  1. I went down with few mates to watch it and have some beers , was an awesome day especially seeing Wade young doing the hills and rock garden . He did that fender bender hill pinned in 3rd gear hit the lip and cleared like 20ft of the hill in the air lol - looked unreal Well done Mev & Buzz got a vid of Mev doing fender bender hill with a right clean run up the middle on the pegs And one of Young doing the rock garden
  2. Thanks Marko for posting up the ride had an awesome day , perfect conditions and crew on this ride Forgot how punishing Cobaw was on bike and body lol got to be on the ball all the time with line selections with all the rocks , boulders & logs The bike got dropped a few times throughout the day . Marko’s loop is awesome [emoji108]I didnt finish it all myself as I left with Nath & Crusty Will be in the next one for sure Cheers
  3. Thanks Cruiser for putting on this ride had a great day. And Howard for taking the sweep duties all day . Plenty of hills to have a go at and even up and down and back up a couple if you wanted to . Nearly got a big stick impale me in the arm luckily it just shaved it and got me in my chest removing me straight off my bike and whisky throttling the bike in the air , very lucky lol . Good to meet a few new guys and ride with cruiser and hoff again . See you on the next one [emoji108]
  4. Thanks Dusty , Gypsi for organising an awesome ride [emoji108] The lev 3 ride was great , flowed really well for a large group and tracks , hills ect where epic ! My 2 mates also said thanks ( josh n bev ) Hopefully bev will get his clutch sorted and they’ll be joining us on more rides Thanks also to the sweeps dan / josh / hoff Few pictures I got ... Cruiser got in on a few lol
  5. Thanks to everyone for jumping on the ride and Chewy for doing the other half of leading the day . Haven’t ridden some of his stuff before so was a good change Plenty of new logs down making some of the tracks even more better especially one of them with some very testing ones lol Every time you go down that track there’s a new tree down . As mentioned above I was the only 2stroke out of us all which I haven’t seen before completely out numbered ! Also got a little play on Riles 250 Yamaha which was nice to ride very different to the 2stroke I’m use to . About 60kms covered in a short pe
  6. Cheers Dusty for leading a great ride yesterday , had an awesome day The day started out with a very close call doing 100kms along Wallan Whittlesea road and car pulled out on me causing me to swerve to avoid him I noticed he had a bike on his ute and thought I bet he will be going to the ride lol , as I pulled up the ute was there and as I’m getting out my ute he was straight over to apologise . All good nobody was hurt but f*ck me that was a close call The tracks was in prime condition and made for a great day , as I was coming up one hill there was a bike that was steaming like a train
  7. Thanks for leading us round your loop yesterday Fab , I had an awesome day Was great to be back out in the bike on a dirt riders ride . Was perfect conditions today Yea wasn’t me with a puncture Fab think that was Chris , I just watched you change it lol Good to meet few new people who haven’t ridden with before Feeling it today for sure and hopefully now back in track to get out riding more Cheers Mikep Here’s picture of Fab enjoying the pump lol
  8. Great pics and write ups - terrain looks awesome [emoji108] Can’t wait to get my riding fitness back up n join in
  9. I think I might be treating myself to one as well noodle ......
  10. Cheers for your feedback Scotland Yea I’m waiting for files to jump in .....
  11. Just after any feedback or opinions putting a 300 top end kit on my te250 Anyone else done it and think it was for the better ? Due a top end in about 10hours more riding so was playing with the idea Cheers Mikep
  12. Great ride yesterday put on by Dusty , Back on the bike after a long 6 months working away and it felt awesome to be back amongst it [emoji108] Awesome tracks , hills , ( 3rd gear hill beat me ) creeks , logs , loose rocks .... it had it all Thanks to Jason for sweeping all day and everyone else who was there that made it very enjoyable day I want lie I was hurting today lol but do it all again this weekend as I head off to Bright to do the 8 hour transmoto Will see you on the next one Cheers Mike
  13. Been working away in NSW since October Hopefully back March - dust the cobwebs off the bike and will be joining in the rides [emoji108] If I remember how to ride