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  1. Speedotom

    Word Association...

    Red nose
  2. Speedotom

    Lal lal this Sunday 21st.very social lvl 3

    I deleted the video, it is misleading and does show mainly level 2 riding.
  3. Great day for riding, we met at the Lal Lal Pub and then heading to the unloading area. It was just a small group of 4, 3 2strokers and 1 4banger. Set up to be a Social ride with a lot of stopping and chatting. It was abundant with tight tracks with L3 hill climbs which flowed wonderfully throughout the day. We did have an extended break with a bit of "bush mechanics" going on, one of the riders flipped his bike and bent his handle bars, almost at a 45degree angle, he also lost his front brake, as you can see from the pictures we had the bike nearly stripped down trying to straighten them, we had a lot of ingenious ideas to straighten them but none of them worked, so we put the bike back together on motored on, still with bent bars and no front brake. The day finished up with no injuries, when we got back to the cars the snags were on and everyone sat down and had a feast. Thanks to cobraone (leader), wishy(bbq), ryan(handlebars) and speedotom(filmcrew).
  4. Speedotom

    Sailers Flows

    Thanks to everyone for a spectacular day of riding with a great bunch of guys from dirtriderz in Uncle Bucks Backyard somewhere near Sailors Falls. The weather was mild with a lot of dust being kicked up from the bikes. There were still a lot of wet areas though, but they were full of stagnant and stinky water which luckly no-one fell in. The day was very well organised big thanks to our leader barclay and sweepers cobraone and MOJO. Most of us went along without any problems except for a sticky rear brake which was fixed on the side of the road. [/url]
  5. Speedotom

    Level 1 Ballarat 28/9.

    He was on a yz250x with the stock 8 litre tank, we would have only travelled about 30km and it was on reserve, normally this bike should get roughly 70km on a full tank. I think it might have a fuel consumption issue.
  6. Speedotom

    Nose n face protection..?(Under goggles)

    would this help https://www.mxstore.com.au/p/Scott-Hustle-Goggles-Black-Nose-Guard/2196940001222
  7. Speedotom

    Level 1 Ballarat 28/9.

    I didn’t get any good footage, the rain and mud blurred the lense on the GoPro.
  8. Speedotom

    Level 1 Ballarat 28/9.

    Awesome ride, we mixed it up with some tight section, creek crossings and some flowy fire trails. Little rain was good it kept the dust down. Headed off right on 9am got back to the cars at 2:30pm. One rider lost his rear brake but still rode with no dramas and another had fuel issue, we got him back to the cars where he headed home. The ride was listed as level 1 but we threw in some level 2 stuff with no complaints from anyone. All up it was a great ride with some great riders not afraid to step it up and test their limits. Cheers Kersh96 MOJO ktm3002t
  9. Speedotom


    Hello, I’m doing a level 1 ride tomorrow in Ballarat if you’re interested. Probably doing a few more level 1s because of a knee injury. I would suggest having rec reg on your bike. Most bike shops should be able to help with rec reg, its not expensive either. Cheers Tom
  10. this is a link to some videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/speedotom
  11. What a great day, Ballarat pulled off and a magnificent day weather-wise, still a few deep, large and boggy puddles but other than that terrain was awesome. Just a warning for riders to watch out for logs and branches being placed on tracks in Nerrina some people have placed them to try and deter riders from using our local playground. Nice and cruisey day, couple of mishaps from me, the leader, lucking no-one followed me over a make-shift ramp (that mountain bikers use) which had a huge drop-off over the end, could have been much worst but no injuries sustained, just an embarrassing moment, not sure if the guys trusted me after this. But I brushed it off and we rode on. Just getting back on the bike after a Knee injury, so I will be posting a few more Level 1 rides around Nerrina and Creswick forest in the future. Just bought a GoPro so I'll post some pictures of a Level 1 ride to give other riders an idea of the terrain and what to expect. Big thanks to Mojo for helping out with leading in some areas. Big thanks to ktm3002t for your mechanical expertise and supplying a spark plug to keep one of the riders going.
  12. Speedotom

    New to dirtriderz

    Great job, fairly easy, no stress and good bunch of people to work with.
  13. Speedotom

    New to dirtriderz

    Sounds go Joe. Catch up with you later.
  14. Speedotom

    New to dirtriderz

    Thanks geoffro and thanks for getting me signed up.
  15. Speedotom

    New to dirtriderz

    Thanks for the info, I think I'll save the $400 and go with the rec reg. The Monaro is a long long long time project. I will eventually get around to finishing it or my son will, but it's not going anywhere soon.