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  1. Thanks for the info fellas , I have setup my sag correctly and installed heavier rear spring too.What suggestions do you have for the front suspension?
  2. Gday All , Need some tyre advice and apologies if I’ve missed a previous post however I have searched through all and found some info but not enough to make a decision. I’m currently running the Maxxis Desert I.T and found the rear to be great however I’m struggling with the front feeling like it’s going to slide out especially going down steep hills and being skittish around corners. Now that the rear is due for replacement I’m thinking about replacing the front too. As mentioned I’ve searched through all the posts and found some info and almost pulled the trigger on some rubber then I came across the “Fatty” which I think a couple of guys on the forum are running. So here is my dilemma, Currently running rear 120/100-18 Front 80/100/21 Thinking about a 110/100/18 Rear replacement Shinko Cheater And 90/100-21 “Fatty” shinko 216 Question will I need to adjust my chassis setup or front clamps to offset larger front tyre size? And is the “ fatty “ good option for more stability? Or should I just stick with the 80/100-21 and make a decision as to What brand In a medium / soft ? Any advice appreciated.
  3. Welcome to the forum AT84 , congrats on the new bike :)
  4. Hi All, Could anyone give me a rough indication of how many kms you are getting out of your stock fuel tank ( 8.5l).I know this will vary depending on the terrain etc. Cheers
  5. Thanks all for the comments, I was lucky enough to find this bike which I’m told was a powerparts edition, but not sure if the rims were originally black and the previous owner changed them to the blue.Either way just happy to be riding [emoji1303][emoji1305][emoji4]
  6. Clean and ready to get dirty!!
  7. Came across an old thread while searching for info on enduro jackets.
  8. Thanks MrNoodle, I have ridden mostly Kinglake and Toolangi. Having done a bit of research I’m probably a 1+ level Atm and slowly building my fitness.[emoji1303]
  9. Hi All , I’m a keen rider looking forward to easing back into trail riding ,gaining more knowledge and hopefully meet some cool peeps for a ride day. Currently on a 2012 KTM 350 and loving it.
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