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  1. Yeah plus one for this lol. Does the 18 150 use a mikuni ?
  2. I use the motorex aerosol can. Has lasted prob 10 filters for a can and still going You can use engine oil if you really wanted to
  3. Thanks for reminding me I just signed up and entered the wildwood race for november
  4. Does anyone know if there is any hillclimb events in vic? Everything on google points to cars! Id love to go and watch
  5. The same reason i bought my 300 with full rego.. Because it is equally as fun as it is retarded lol
  6. Thanks for the ride i wish i could have stayed out longer , dropped the bike 3 times on the last downhill .. i couldnt hold on lol I need some more practice in the wet
  7. What year model carb bikes are supposed to have shit carbs? My 18 seems perfect straight out of the box
  8. Back in october i couldnt get a 300exc i had been waiting since may 2017. I would have to have waited until feb to get a tpi 6 days lol Now i have a 2018 300 carby i am glad i got it . 50 dollars for a spark plug for the tpi lol I originally wanted a tpi but now im glad i couldnt get one. The barrel is different id hate to price one up in a kit
  9. Here is our easter trip Different coulors for different trips/days
  10. You have a good memory I nearly got taken out by a motorbike coming up the hill when i was going down I am keen to go back there one day.. this photo is easter time this year Id love to go in the winter when its raining
  11. Hey guys im tux i am new to this forum Just here to share riding experiance and find good spots to ride around melbournes west and out bush
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