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    Seems someone works in the transport industry in Altona North.
  2. Do you ever get out west? Happy to take a look if it isn't an hour and a half drive.
  3. If it has a CD drive you can boot it with another OS like say a Hirens BootCD. If it is a local account, you can also use CHNTPW from here: There is also a good article about changing to a local account from a MS account: Is it definitely set up with a Microsoft account? MS are an absolute PITA to deal with. Had a client whose sister passed away unexpectedly and despite having a full legal entitlement they were not able to get the password reset, so no email to finalise her estate for bill
  4. Unfortunately, Commissar Andrews has been saying that since March. I pay full reg on my dirt squirt and have com insurance as well. The insurance I dont mind as that covers it if it gets knocked off, but the reg is something I will look into. Being self unemployed, I did 13 billable hours last month. Looking forward to stage 283 when we only have 3 more weeks to wait for the numbers to come down, or the 'vaccine'.
  5. Unfortunate, but it is buyer beware. Gets even trickier on older bikes without VIN numbers when the currency exchange is only a few hungy. No way of checking.
  6. Didn't know you were running an airline mate Or a bank. Or a medical equipment manufacturing business.Or any other large infrastructure. Point being a lot of work was done in the background, testing. Some problems were found and resolved before it had an impact, so there was no crash. Make sense? Like making sure your tank is full before heading off on a ride (Remember them?).
  7. I wont be voluntarily taking a 'vaccine' until it has been properly tested. i.e.>10 years. There is too much rush, with everyone thinking we will all be saved when the vaccine arrives. We will be allowed out of lockdown...I am also betting it will be mandatory very shortly. Just like the mandatory detention of healthy people in Inzid for not wanting someone poking a 6 inch swab into their blood brain barrier to look for something undisclosed. They have been working on an HIV vaccine for 40 years or thereabouts. Billions of dollars in funding. Nada. Ivermectin and HCQ are proving t
  8. yeh, came to me early in march lockdown with the kids laptop which died. Cheap cooking model thing. I had nothing I could offer. He then said " dont worry, I'll go to JB". Old mate is a big fan of 'outside voice' if he doesnt get his way. gets back to me a few days later " not paying 2 grand each for a laptop for the kids..." keep an eye out. So when I had the option of some solid commercial i5 SSD laptops Win10Pro etc, I made the call. I use these myself. Bloody nice units. He was all up for them in June, patched, delivered, his office AV etc, lent him a router as his home tels
  9. Nah mate. Different mob. I reckon country wide travel will be OK once we all figure out how dangerous The Rona is. I'm self employed, but as mentioned, the jobkeeper is based on sales value, not profit. Problem also is that it is snowballing. Construction slows, hardware for construction slows. I have a builder client with a crook UPS on his server. Hasn't even called or emailed back and I know he has been putting people off. He owes me for 2 refurb laptops for his kids to do remote schooling, hasn't paid but is sooking a week ago that one couldn't get onto the Wifi at home.
  10. I know from my perspective (one man band IT bloke) turnover is problematic. Hardware has really thin margins, but some gear is expensive. My profit comes from my personal labour. Luckily my overheads are low. March was great for turnover because every man and their dog had to work from home. About 150% on last year, but only 50% payments so effectively down for cashflow. April about 90% of last year. May about 60% June lower, July flogged a couple of laptops August almost empty, so will be down again. So, sold $4.5k worth of laptops, made $300 profit, assuming I get paid (and th
  11. Well, I have an 05 CRF450X, which wanted to kill me on every ride, I thought about getting the suspension done and guessed it would cost a fair bit and didn't see the value. I rode @Ollie's 2009 EC300 with a hooligan switch and thought it was a hoot, even though it was sprung for his weight and needed maintenance we found out later. All my other bikes are 2 bangers because I like the simplicity. IT400D, IT200L, IT175G, KDX175, DT175, RZ250 etc. Then it was reviewed by ADB and while I know that ADB is an ad from just inside the front cover to the back cover it got good reviews for som
  12. So after a couple of days reflection, what is everyone's thoughts on the level of this ride? Just curious to figure out where I fit regarding future rides. Need to get the mind game under control.
  13. 100% agreed. Thanks everyone for a great day. Was good to get some seat time and not feeling it too much today. Thanks @TRAILZ for the BBQ, @Bear for the lead, @maccastrewthfor the sweep. and @Raffy22 for the organisation. Point of order though. I did get lost at the first turn. Luckily I am slow enough that someone caught me and turned me around. Was only lost for 5 minutes wondering how I was going to keep up to pace when I couldn't see the lead rider's dust or tyre marks... Looking forward to the vidjeo @TRAILZ
  14. fred99999au


    Altona Gate SC Monday 01/06/2020. Gorn now..