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  1. fred99999au

    Peak hour traffic

    Yep. My utes speedo vs several GPS reads about 9km/h under at 100km/h with the stock tyres which are 235/70/16. It is spot on with 265/75/16 tyres on. Benefit is also that I now get 11000km services instead of 10000, and although the odometer says 307000, it has probably dome somewhere like 338000 because the odometer is accurate.
  2. fred99999au

    Peak hour traffic

    Assuming your speedo is accurate.
  3. Nope. Klaus has learned how to make the intarnets. Spells Klaus funny though.
  4. fred99999au

    Bayside Gas gas ride day

    I reckon the demo might be Steve's bike. Dont think I'd be wanting to trash it. Great folk to deal with a and great bike. Unfortunately, I'll be in Yarram on a 1977 IT400 if all goes well.
  5. fred99999au

    Best Tiedowns

    Possumly. I have a couple of pairs and they are both the same unfortunately. Thats exactly what I experience despite tying them off. I went to AMX the other day for a look at the ProTaper ones, but couldnt get a bloody car park.
  6. fred99999au

    UHF channel?

    Oh, and you can get VOX over ear headsets for the Baofeng as well. Fit inside the helmet. The UV-5R are a 5watt unit as well.
  7. fred99999au

    UHF channel?

    I've done some work with a client who use a swag of Baofeng UV-5R radios in a warehouse. Some on forklifts, some in the office, some in a freezer panel production area. They are cheap and cheerful and do a reasonably good job. We've programmed them for 3 channels only on the UHF CB Band, locked the FM radio out, and CTCSS coded them to minimise interference from other users. Default to one channel from power up. They have curly cord remote mics available as well for the forklifts who wear them on their belt. I have a few left in fact. Also have a mate who has allegedly communicated with the International Space Station from a paddock in Ballaarat with a specifically selected antenna.
  8. Great review, thanks Barry.
  9. fred99999au

    Finke 2018

    Saw one of his vids recently from the front guard. Dunno if it was this years event or not, but Im not sure the tyres touch the ground often enough for him to bin it.
  10. fred99999au

    Best Tiedowns

    Thanks guys. Gorillas Grip are the ones I have, apparently Aussie made S hook with a loop for the bars and a spring loaded carabiner on the other end. The Lock and Load system looks good, but I run a home made rack on the towbar most of the time and not sure how I would implement that. I also like the safety of tiedowns. I also use a B&B Offroad fork brace, so don't see an issue in ratchet straps for positive loading on the straps. I might have to have a look at the protaper ones. Not sure about the swivel though. Looks like a failure point to me.
  11. fred99999au

    Best Tiedowns

    Hi All. Had a few instances recently where my tiedowns have loosened on a trip to or from a ride. The ones I have were supposed to be fancy ones with a bar loop and supposed to be suitable for large bikes. They are not a ratchet strap though. Anyone have a recommendation for good quality ratchet tiedowns with a bar loop? Don't want to have to sell a large internal organ for them either. Cheers.
  12. fred99999au

    Otways fun with TurboTim 3 June 18

    What level was that ride?
  13. Apparently his image can only be enhanced by this behaviour, given his current image is so poor. Surely he is trying to get a bad image, no?
  14. fred99999au

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    I don't think I've ever gone into a shop and asked to purchase something or to have work done without knowing what I was going to be charged unless there was a long standing relationship there. I get my ute serviced by a bloke Ive been using for years and my dad before that. Never a surprise for either of us. I have clients who will ring and ask for stuff, and I don't rip them and often they dont ask for a quote but we've been known quantities for over 15 years in most cases. Something doesn't sound quite right here.
  15. fred99999au

    Gasgas factory fire

    Apparently all good. Only 5% of the facility was damaged and production and office continue as normal. Nobody injured.