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  1. Bike upgrade

    I have a mate with a WR250F, 2018 model who leant it to me for some ad-hoc cattle mustering about a month ago.Only about half an hour though as the cows went back over the fence. I am not a good rider, after watching the grading videos, maybe level 2.5 ish, but with 9 stubbies on board, workboots, shorts and sunnies as safety gear, this was light and powerful enough, great brakes, brilliant horn, low centre of gravity and really confidence inspiring. You wont do the Finke on it expecting a place, but I reckon it was an absolute balltearer. Only thing that freaked me out was the engine braking. Maybe the 30 odd kilometres on the odometer, (my modern is a 2005 CRF450X) or the gearing, but this was sweet. I'm guessing that quantum leaps have not occurred between year models, meaning a 2016 is likely similar, but you will need to research this.
  2. 1976 YZ 80C Resto

    Sincere condolences on your loss. I disagree with the JIS screws though. I reckon they bite well if you use a JIS screwdriver. If 13 previous owners haven't already munted them with a Philips driver. In fact a good JIS driver will get a munted screw out far better than the Philips that munted it.
  3. Not quite a barn find.

    Which bit?
  4. Not quite a barn find.

    Turns out I've been telling lies for 25 odd years. The little blue Suzuki parallel twin is a Yamaha AS1. It ran when it went in there...
  5. Not quite a barn find.

    nah, been collecting bits for a while now. Still some to go. Wish I'd kept it under cover.
  6. Not quite a barn find.

    Yep, and they said that abut old dirt bike years ago. Just you wait. Beta VCRs will make a comeback, mark my words.
  7. Hi All. Chatting to a mate tonight and he sort of convinced me to do a bit of a rethink about my workspaces and the wardrobe I usually work on bikes in. Invariably they are full of crap that isnt allowed in the house but is too good to chuck away. Like old tellies, broken VCR machines, chairs that are not to go in the 'nice rooms' etc. So, stage 1 was to remove 2 bikes from my back 'shed' which fell over about 10 years ago. This is one of them DT1 250. My first bike. Seen better days. I say not a barn find because I put it there 25 years ago, Stage 2 tomorrow, pull the old car parts out of the shed, pull the little Suzi parallel twin roadie out, and then get my mate the asbestos removalist to take the broken shed roof.
  8. Thanks mate. I need to get out more, either modern or vinduro, and this looks like the ticket. Will be sending a few mates here as well, but they are not really foumites. Might bring them on rides though.
  9. Hi All. New member, old body (well it feels like it sometimes), so be gentle with me. Just picked up some parts from some random bloke off the intertubes and tripped over this manky looking DirtriderZ stubby holder which he said I could keep. So here I am. I mainly spend time with the vinduro stuff, but my "modern" is a 2005 CRF450X. Frightens the crap out of me every time I ride it. Been riding for years, still not very good and I have to go to work on Monday so my bravery is MIA.