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  1. Drezz

    Sailers Flows

    Thanks to Barclay for putting on the ride. I had a great day! Was great to ride with some awesome blokes who were out to have a good time. Thanks again fellas Till next time [emoji110]
  2. You know when gypsy organises a 3+ ride you’re going to have your work cut out for you and this ride was no exemption. Awesome tracks straight off the bat with a few smaller but challenging hill climbs to start the day off. Then moving onto some more open trails that led us to Gypsy’s favourite discipline, BIG and STEEP hill climbs! Very entertaining watching the boys tackle these behemoths. Sometimes successful and sometimes not so successful. The day continued with some more great tracks with a quick pace to see us back at the cars by 1pm with just under 100k’s under our belt. Pretty sore today which I think is the mark of a great ride. Big thanks to gypsy for putting the ride together and leading and also to mev for sweep duties. Also thanks to all the other boys on the ride that made for a great day out. How good was the weather! Till next time [emoji110]
  3. Drezz

    Creswick 29/8

    That was taken back in April. It was fuller and muddier today.
  4. Drezz

    Creswick 29/8

    This it the bog hole
  5. Drezz

    Creswick 29/8

    Thanks Scott for leading us around your local. I had a great time. Rode a few new tracks I hadn’t riden before. You couldn’t have asked for better weather. And yes, that last bog hole at the end of the ride was a doozy! Till next time! [emoji110]
  6. Dylantopp’s Blackwood blast Massive thank you to Dylan for organising and leading the ride. It was a great day and I had an awesome time! The day started with a short loop to warm the crew up. Then we moved onto some fast flowing tracks where it was clear we were in the company of some quick riders. The day progressed and continued with beautiful flowing tracks and a few more technical sections to keep us on our toes. The last hour saw the pace step up as I think a few of the boys had the pub in their sights. Which made for some great fun. Even though I had a few near misses and one off into a puddle. Starting at 7:30 and with minimal stops meant we punched out around 80k’s right on 1pm. Evenly matched riders with well prepared bikes (except for one little battery issue) made for trouble-free riding. It was a great crew. Also big thanks to gypsy for running sweep all day! See you on the next one [emoji110]
  7. Drezz

    Rockin and rootin at Chewton...

    Thanks cv. the tubliss dropped to 4 psi was a massive help. Just payed for itself
  8. Drezz

    Rockin and rootin at Chewton...

    Massive thanks to central vic for putting on a cracker ride. Also cujo for sweeping all day. I had a ball! Great tracks and great guys and even though there was a bit of rain and hail I think we didn’t cop it as much as I thought we would. I’ll have to return and have another crack at scorpio! She beat me this time. Till next time guys.
  9. Wow, massive thanks too gypsy for organising the ride and buzz for leading. Also thanks to Dylan and Liam for sweeping and to the other boys for making it an enjoyable morning! I was definitely out of my comfort zone on this one I think, but I definitely wanted to push myself a little bit more than what I’m used too, to try and improve my riding. so am very glad I tagged along so as that I can see where I want my riding to progress to. Loved the challenging river beds, steep climbs and awesome tight trails. Very impressed with buzz’s work. Can’t wait to head out again. Thanks again guys!
  10. Drezz

    Whipsticks Bear Style

    Big thanks too Bear for putting the ride together. Also gypsy and hoff for going sweep. Had an awesome time riding with new blokes. Looking forward to the next ride!