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  1. Kreiga straps are the best quality and very tough.
  2. To many crooks out there now that are to lazy to work. The cops don’t care and to lazy to do anything and the insurance companies are even bigger crook. Australia has gone to soft.
  3. If any one sees this bike contact me ASAP 0457711824
  4. Try pumping you fork up a bit more if it feel sloppy. You need to make sure you check your fork air pressure before every ride as they always change. And yes it getting your suspension set up properly for your kgs is always better.
  5. Good ride fellas, yes my boots disappeared from the van but with in a hour I was ready to roll. Perfect riding conditions no troubles. Was he second tie I have see some one try and ride up a tree was amazing. Even after every one left Stevie and I went out for another quick busy and hit some of the harder hills smashed most of them but I have unfinished business with one of the hills. Till next time
  6. Awesome ride perfect conditions and very impressive ride.
  7. Of course gypsy will take them they are for free
  8. Hey fellas just seen Pete and he is doing well he seems to be in good spirit and had a little laugh but he won’t be doing much for the next month or 2 apart from maybe cooking the bbq. He is fine and can’t wait to get back out there for a bust again once he has fully recovered.
  9. Was a good day fellas wet wet wet for some reason the hills just had it in for me and just kept growing me around. Thanks to everyone for a good ride and poor Pete get better soon I will be posting a Toyota hiace with a kx 250 upnon gumtree tonight.
  10. Any time bud enjoyed showing to one of our playgrounds.