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  1. Thanks johnO I’ve purchased one, just got to get out[emoji106]
  2. Has anyone had experience or know anyone owning BETA X Trainer 300? I'm interested in the bike but I'm curious on peoples views. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi J-man, yes its been a looking forward to getting back out on the trails, maybe ill see you out there some time. Hoping for a 3oo2t to be honest, but ah ill have to see.
  4. Ha ha ha Thanks 2t4me. that was a good bit of information, Granted on your contradiction has also confused myself in the past. 2 stroke or 4 stroke feelings. Well have to see about the come and swap with other riders as my user name unfortunately doesn't hold much stance on my financial life .
  5. G'day all. I've just recently sold my KTM 200 '01.... and kind of got a bit teary eyed as it left. Kids have started enjoying the sport and this has brought back my passion.....its been subdued after having three kids . My biggest question now is what sort of bike should I look for? Two stroke 200 was a fantastic bike and the more my confidence grew the more I loved the bike......But now that I have a few more responsibilities I cant keep up those ride hours to gain my confidence as it used to be. Soooo I'm thinking four stroke to carry my less confident bum up hills etc, not to heavy s