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  1. Another newbie from Melbourne

    Well, it's no surprise from what I've been reading about CRF valves, but I think it should run better with some new ones......!
  2. Another newbie from Melbourne

    Thanks guys. I can't wait to get going. Still undecided on the rego. I think I might get started on rec reg and only upgrade if it's limiting my options. I commute by road bike, so it would be nice to have another registered bike just in case. We'll might depend on how complete my box of ADR parts is.
  3. Hi all, After giving up my dirt bikes 25 odd years ago, I've now come full circle and bought myself a CRF250X. I'm in the middle of a head rebuild at the moment, but once I'm done I'll be looking to do some trail riding around Victoria. I could use some input into whether I should get full rego or just rec rego. Is the extra money worthwhile? Also I'm interested to know whether there are any recommendations for getting parts and doing work on the CRFs. around the south eastern part of Melbourne. Looking forward to meeting you out there on the trails.