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  1. Goat

    Mt Dissa L2 4/3/18 injury update.

    Hi All, Just a quick update to let you know I have finally been discharged from hospital after what was a much longer stay than anticipated (11 days). No work now for at least 6 weeks. The family have asked me to hang up the helmet which I will be doing so you can expect to see the toys come up for sale in the near future if anyone is interested. One thing I have learnt out of all of this is that anyone out there on the trails needs to be licensed, registered (rec or full) and have ambulance cover. I'm sure 99.9% of you do, but make sure it is all current. The ambulance trip from Kilmore to the City was just shy of $1800 (had I not been covered). The TAC are my saving grace in all of this (thanks to the rego) as without them things would have got a bit financially tough. Now we have a weekly income while I'm up on blocks. It removes a lot of stress. To all; thank you, ride safe, stay shiny side up and enjoy. Regards, Chris.
  2. Hi guys, I'm still alive but have ended up in the Royal Melbourne and am booked in for surgery tomorrow morning. I ended up with a ruptured diaphragm that has let my guts squabble for real estate with the left lung. My arm has torn into the sheath around the muscle. Amazingly no broken bones. All things been equal I don't feel to bad. My apologies to all for putting a dampener on the ride and many thanks to Adam for helping me out and patching me up. I should have known better and backed off. I'm not 21 any more and obviously have the reasoning capacity of someone much younger than that. Sorry again to mess up the ride and thank you all for your support. Regards, Chris
  3. Goat

    Tubliss sale

    Excuse my ignorance but, why would a mere mortal such as myself want such a device? I understand the principal and could see their benefit on a motocross track or controlled surface. But: 1 - are they practical in the bush. 2 - are all tyres available these days airtight or are you limited to certain brands/models? 3 - are they a value upgrade or just a cool gadget?
  4. Goat

    Inspiring Mini Documentary

    You do have to have a reasonable leg I will admit. I bent a kickstarter in the first month (which was amazingly replaced under warranty). The consistently leaky Marzocchi forks are the gift that keeps on giving. None the less it served me beautifully over 2 seasons of Enduros and Hare Scrambles. Never (and still hasn't) broke down once and managed to change the colour of my racing number (which I then never competed with again). I'm very, very attached to her. I actually also have a CRF450X which is what I have registered and am getting back on the trails with. Brand new in 09 and only has 27.8 hours on the motominder. I have been away for too long. I look forward to joining some rides as I don't know anyone since I moved down here and it is very dodgey for your health riding alone.
  5. Goat

    Inspiring Mini Documentary

    Here, here. I still have my 96 KTM 360 which is in VGC and have owned since new. Every couple of years I fire it up but, the reality is I don't use it; just look at it. Why would I sell it? I'll get bugger all and it costs nothing to keep so who am I hurting? The problem I feel is that as you age, if you let your bikes go you may never actually get around around to treating yourself to another one. It's lovely to have the latest and greatest but you don't need it to enjoy a day on the trails and anything is better than nothing. I totally understand the family and financial challenges but if you can see your way clear then keep the Kato. (in my humble opinion).
  6. Goat

    Inspiring Mini Documentary

    What inspirations they are. Turning 50 this year and have just decided to get back into the dirt. I was wondering if I am too old ... obviously not. Hence here I am looking forward to joining some rides.
  7. Goat

    Chain Issues

    Just a point to note. If you put the chain on the sprocket at the bottom then you need to roll the bike forward. It is generally best to place the chain on the top of the sprocket and roll the bike backwards. This lets you control the bike a little easier and also loads up the wheel forcing it to rotate rather than just drag along. As the others mentioned, loosening your axle bolt and skewing the wheel will make life a lot easier.