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  1. I've got (hopefully) a short benching starting yesterday. Double lower wisdom tooth extraction due to infection and impacted teeth. Had it done y'day at 1pm and I'm not feeling too horrible currently. Pain in tolerable. Worst part is the cost.. With no private health it's set me back roughly $3500 which mostly now owe the bank. Add in a swollen knee and lower back pain from Sundays wildwood ride and I'm actually thinking a week or 2 off might be a good idea at this point. Managed 80 hrs on the new Gasser since August '18 and have barely missed a weekend. Here's to a quick recovery and another glorious 80 hours before August!
  2. I agree it was a top ride. Thanks for organising @Petch and @ScOtTTy for leading most of the day. Thanks @Petch for letting me have a blast on the 350 also... Got me thinking if 4 strokes are the way forward The second arvo loop was a killer session of 3rd gear hill and a few hamburgers that saw most of us tapped out by 2:00. Except @Evros (Stavros) who wanted to keep going when we got back to the cars. One more ride before I finally take 2 weeks off for wisdom tooth surgery. Who's up for Wildwood next Sunday?! Someone's gotta show me how to get around that bloody prologue circuit.
  3. Thanks Andy for organising and leading and stinky for sweeping. Great to see some old mates and new faces. Even better to see another very intelligent person riding a GasGas. I'll leave you with a quote from Tank Abbott, aka Andy's doppelgänger
  4. Hi mate, thank you for the offer but unfortunately I don't have an 18" rim for the Honda. I'm sure someone will snap it up though.
  5. Hi fellas, I'm going to kit up the crf450r for the flat track day. Just looked into a trials tire for the 19" rear and they're $195.94 brand new. That's kinda more than I'd hoped to spend. If anyone has a second hand tire sitting around I'd love to purchase it.
  6. I came here to post exactly this. Thanks heaps Pete, you're a legend and I owe you that beer!
  7. After downloading the workshop manual for a 2008 CRF450R, then studying the wiring diagram, then spending the past few hours trying to re-install the (brutally butchered) removed rec reg kit to see if it will work, I've thrown in the towel for the day. Please let me know what is your favourite flavour of beer. My initial offer is 3 cases of said flavour as it'll cost me far more if I take it to a shop. Also, the trip to Lara would be grouse.
  8. Tequilllllllllllllllllla
  9. I'm always down for a new experience. Keep me updated mate.
  10. Yeah I'm good at creating monsters. I removed the rec reg gear to have the bike solely as an mx bike. Didn't need all the wiring (or so I thought). I'm not sure what the piece was in the airbox but it's tubular in shape. I figured this was the driving force behind the front and rear lights. I removed all wires going from air box tube backwards to the rear light. Then the wires going forwards to the headlight and front brake. There is still an attached section of wires (fuses?) on the pipe side of the radiator that the kill switch is wired to. Is this helping at all?
  11. Hi guys, I removed the components from a rec reg kit from my mx bike yesterday and only left the kill switch. After removal of wiring I cannot get the bike to kick over. I'm not at all electronically minded and am wondering if by removing the rec reg components I've caused the bike to be unable to start. It kicked over just fine before my bright idea to start cutting cables. Is this possible? Any advice? Thank you
  12. Top bunch of blokes to ride with. Non stop laughter and great track selection! Cheers to Coggs for organising and leading, and everyone else for the ride!
  13. Thanks for organising the ride. Track selection was awesome and the conditions were a challenge which definitely allowed me to practise some new techniques and learn new skills. Shout out to @Steviewonder for the sacrificed zip tie that you were using to adjust your valves. Also @LucasB for pulling my bike off me which had my leg trapped in a precarious position. Pete - I hope the surgery went well mate. I hope the recovery is swift and painless. Until next time fellas.