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  1. Murrindindi largely unaffected. Could count on one hand how many new trees were down on the more popular tracks.
  2. You're much kinder to yours than I am mate.. I throw mine all in the washing machine with my gear after a ride. Definitely unlikely to be the best method.
  3. It's a good idea, however sometimes I reckon I'm not good/knowledgable enough to actually give super precise comparisons. I do have a few opinions on differences though and would share those if anyone wanted some feedback.
  4. I was just guessing that Rocky Bastard was Hamburger 3, am I wrong? If it isn't I'd love to know where the real H'burg 3 is! Bill Clinton is on Shiels side and Hold It is something I've been sorta digging in myself. I'll send you a GPX if you're keen. Spot on with Mick's.. Just a filthy rutted out mongrel.
  5. Thanks mate. Wanted to try out a TPI, so I sold the Sherco and purchased a Husky. So far so good.
  6. Couple of the favourites done at a Gentleman's pace.
  7. The initial offer was sent/meant for Cava454 so for now he's got dibs
  8. Nothing better than a bunch of eager riders signing up for a weekday ride. Big thanks to @Seza89for organising and making it happen. @maccadid a stellar job leading us for most of the way. Showed me a lot of new tracks in Kinglake. Some areas so slippery I felt the bike sliding on both wheels side to side. Managed to keep it upright for the day however. @macca narrowly escaped a drowned Beta at one point which was lucky. Great energy from @Tim.P and Mark made for some fun sections and poor old Tim ended up with a completely dissected seat on his near new bike. Thanks to @BearMX who took on sweeping duties and provided "old school" tips throughout the day. I think the nickname "OG rider" sounded pretty cool. Keep the mid-week vibes going!
  9. Is the Shinko rear this one below? If so, I have a great condition second hand Nitromousse Soft (NMS18-305) that has less than 30 hrs use, with no degrading or issues. PM me if interested and we'll work something out. Reason I don't want it is I've changed my tire choice and I'm using a different size now. Also, I went with the same set up being standard front and soft rear and I've not looked back. Absolutely love it. Fitment isn't difficult if you have at least 2 longer levers and a tire stand. If not, most moto shops can fit in 10 mins.
  10. I found this for a short install video, and also this (starts 6m30s) for a longer winded approach.
  11. Double rim locks in built and 7mm thick. Looks fun to try out.
  12. Pressure washed my bike and got the air filter soaking wet. Started bike for 1 min then left it for a week before next ride. Bottom end completely rusted and failed first start.
  13. Yeah mate I didn't have the camera on Maybe we ought to go back and do all the burgers.
  14. Hi Donnie, As you confirmed it'd be okay, I thought I'd post your video from the day.
  15. Agreed. I'm also not trying to sound super militant either. In fact, the reason I love this sport is because it isn't over regulated and controlled. Just common decency rules should apply. Or perhaps peeps could consider how they'd approach it if was their best mate as the ride leader and waiting for them to show up.
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