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  1. maccastrewth

    Bone breaker king lake

    Thanks for organising the ride. Track selection was awesome and the conditions were a challenge which definitely allowed me to practise some new techniques and learn new skills. Shout out to @Steviewonder for the sacrificed zip tie that you were using to adjust your valves. Also @LucasB for pulling my bike off me which had my leg trapped in a precarious position. Pete - I hope the surgery went well mate. I hope the recovery is swift and painless. Until next time fellas.
  2. maccastrewth

    MT Dissa Mon 5th Nov L2

    @Snowman you launched the pumpkin about 15ft into the air over that log. It was absolutely unbelievable. A perfect backflip with a hard landing on the front wheel. I hope the bike is okay. Was a great day apart from the mishaps mentioned and everyone got back safely which is most important. Thanks fellas, I had an absolute ball and got a real kick out of those hill climbs. Shoutout to @MESS for doing the whole ride without a front brake, top knotch.
  3. maccastrewth

    Mt Dissa Sunday 28th

    I'm keen to go back down there with someone to complete the creek and loop it back onto something. On Sunday the creek won, but there's gotta be a way through.
  4. maccastrewth

    Mt Dissa Sunday 28th

    Sorry about the delay in reply here I've just seen the post. Well, where do I start? Firstly thanks to. The guys that came along for the ride. At the end of the day it was a great experience. But during the creek exploration and (what I assume) the lvl 3/4 hill climb getting out, I was slightly concerned whether my abilities would suffice. Day started positively with Coggs' loop and Bushy brows showed us a new little single as we were wrapping up the west side of the area. Once we crossed the Anderson's picnic area, Bushy left us to my leading abilities and the trusty GPS. I must say that had I followed the GPS, there would have been no issues. I mistakenly decided at one point (see pic below) that it'd be smart to take a left and assumed the trail would loop back to quarry Road. That left turn led us down a manageable but dicey downhill to quarry Creek. Once at the creek, I had the bright idea that it was only 1km through the creek back to the road so we gave it a shot. It took us 2 hours to travel 525m down and back the seemingly unridden creek. We uncovered Multiple bike drops, boil overs, a wombats hole and at one point I fell into a larger body of water and basically became fully submerged. General consensus was to head back and attempt the track we'd seen at the beginning of the creek of death. We climbed the hill and made it out to my absolute relief. I learned a big lesson on Sunday that shook my confidence a little bit. Don't take any trail for granted and believe that all roads will lead to Rome. Luckily the guys were all capable to get out. It dawned on me that I could have been the reason that a couple blokes may have become stranded out there and I don't want to put people in that position again. Better research, planning and stick to the loop will be my mantra for any upcoming rides. Thanks to the guys for being understanding and accepting my apologies. I thank you for the ride, it certainly allowed me to learn a lot. Pics below of the loop, creek area and mistaken left turn.
  5. maccastrewth

    2018 dirtriderZ Annual Weekend Beechworth

    They tried to make me go to rehab, I said ....
  6. maccastrewth

    2018 Annual Weekender Tee Shirts

    1 Adult in Large please. Thank you
  7. maccastrewth

    Coggs' Mt Dissa Lvl 2 Friday 14/9

    Big shoutout to Coggs for organising. I personally had an absolute blast. Met at the servo meeting point at 8. I was early and grabbed a bite with Lindon while Coggs and Grant_Ktm rolled in. Got to the unloading area and Sheepy turned up after enjoying some Friday morning peak hour traffic. On the bikes at about 9am. To begin with had a little warm up section and from there I was lost in a maze of lovely trails. Coggs led the way on our 5 hour journey. It was roughly 50km ride with probably about 20 minutes of break time in total. My ride fitness was failing by the end but it was my first time at Dissa and my favourite ride I've done yet. Coggs' knowledge of the area is outstanding! There were only a few minor mishaps including Lindon losing his rear brakes after hitting a tree, Sheepy running 50psi in his tires , and my fork leaking to buggery.. Otherwise it was trouble free. Big thanks to Sheepy for waving me down and saving me from sending the bike and myself into the dam. Was an absolute treat and great group of fellas to ride with! Cheers guys!
  8. maccastrewth

    To be or not to be night ride

    I was kind of getting excited about riding at night until I read that. Sorry to hear that happened. Freak accident, liquid courage, or a bit of both?
  9. Thanks Trailz, I noted that from another comment and found this thread: Apparently a near $100 mount needs a further $10 of shed ingenuity before it's safe to use
  10. Thanks for the info! That's about all I need to confirm the purchase. The ebay sale ends on the 30th, so I'll get the order in. Fathers day is a good excuse to drop $500 isn't it?!
  11. Enjoying the information in the replies as this thread has got me to the point of purchasing my own Garmin. Pete - Is your initial reaction to recommend this GPS unit? I've found this mount that seems to be the most suitable... Anyone have experience with these?
  12. maccastrewth

    Tubliss on sale

    Going to have to give them a try now.. Thank you for the tip!
  13. maccastrewth

    New member from Melbourne

    Hi mate! Great news about the bike. Did you manage to kick her over? Jim743 and I went for a ride to Toolangi yesterday. Was absolutely great. Got a little lost on a couple of the trails.. Had to descend what I'd imagine to be a level 3 hill, had a few minor falls, got the feel of our bikes and generally had a rad time. Let us know when your rego is sorted and we'll see if we can put something together and perhaps post it on the Organise Rides page. All the best!
  14. maccastrewth

    New member from Melbourne

    DoubleVee, I did actually come across that before heading out the other day. The fire trails seemed very well marked and open and easy to navigate. Had a good hours ride without getting too deep as I was on my own. Felt great to have a rip around on the bike and get a feel for how she handles. I've definitely be keen to complete the signposted loops on that map with a riding buddy or more!
  15. maccastrewth

    New member from Melbourne

    We're a few weeks out from organising something. I'll keep you in the loop/post up the planned ride when we sort something out. How long till your parts arrive?