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  1. Yeah mate I didn't have the camera on Maybe we ought to go back and do all the burgers.
  2. Hi Donnie, As you confirmed it'd be okay, I thought I'd post your video from the day.
  3. Agreed. I'm also not trying to sound super militant either. In fact, the reason I love this sport is because it isn't over regulated and controlled. Just common decency rules should apply. Or perhaps peeps could consider how they'd approach it if was their best mate as the ride leader and waiting for them to show up.
  4. Not sure if you're looking for opinions or responses and FYI I completely agree with the sentiments. I reckon name and shame so that ride organisers can chose not to include repeat offenders on their ride list if they chose to do so. If you're thick skinned enough to join rides and never show up, you should be thick skinned enough to accept the consequences. I know that this might not be an up to date and popular opinion, and seems less inviting for new members, but it might invigorate the organise rides section which I feel has been a bit flat of recent.
  5. Great write up mate. It was a ripper time for sure. Glad you enjoyed it.
  6. Big thanks to @donniedarko for his attendance today. Was a bit of a step up ride for him and he shined with some of Dissa's finest offerings. Tight tracks in and around Shiels area saw us going down the ladder and over to the hamburgers. My highlight of the day was seeing Donnie tackle hamburger 1 like it was a tasty little snack. With a couple of pick ups and heave ho's, he made it to the top of his first attempt. Very impressed. His smile was ear to ear and well deserved! I learned today that the TTR-250 is the most comfortable bike I've ever sat on. Looking forward to th
  7. This was 2 days ago but seems to be most recent I've found.
  8. Very thankful that @Gurney274 and @Crusty350 agreed to come for a ride today. Had been a few weeks for me and was itching to get out. Met up at the location and jumped right in. Having two very capable riders behind me pushed me to hold a pace that I'd probably not usually keep. Was awesome. Saw many of the regular sights in Dissa and enjoyed every minute. Managed a good 36km's in about 4 hours. Was able to show @Gurney274 a few Dissa highlights for his first trip there. Also did my PB deepest water crossing with water level briefly reaching my headlight. That was super cool.
  9. From USA From UK Both about $40AUD delivered. Unsure if there's anything in Australia. Perhaps call these guys as they're the Aussie distributors for Nihilo.
  10. 26 hrs.. No signs of anything negative. They had the slightest layer of lube still on them. Let's see how the go with the second tire.
  11. Also, the first link claims the tank fits all models '85-'99. If this is true, then this should also work as a brand new option :
  12. I started running Nitromousses about 23 ride hours ago. Getting no flats and having less tools/tube to carry is enough for me not to go back to tubes. I'm about to change my rear tyre so can report back how the mousse is travelling after 23 hrs use. I am running the Nitromousse plushie (6-8psi) in the rear and the Nitromousse platinum (10-12psi) in the front. I use the fitment chart to decide what tires to use with which mousse. See here: I've gotten 23 hours from a Starcross medium currently and it's still holding up ok. Next tyre is a G
  13. They are Tech 7's, so they're gonna be fine/awesome you'll get a good couple years from them no issues. Comfort wise you'll love them. They're my second pair of Tech 7's BTW. I now probably see the value in the next level up. Issue is I never have the extra juice to purchase to top dogs myself.