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  1. Hey mate, I've sent you a PM. Have a few ideas for you.
  2. Existing fat. I can't explain how it works so eloquently, but this guy does a good job.
  3. All the added covid/crap lifestyle kilos have me working on a new way of eating which is working well for weight loss and feeling energy and well. Pretty much fasting and eating once a day within a one-two hour window. I've ridden while using this method for the past 3 or 4 rides and I note the following. Day before - Drink more water/non caffeinated tea than usual. Pop a magnesium pill in the evening. Last thing I would have eaten would have been about 2-3PM. During - Morning - Black coffee x 2, magnesium pill, sea salt in about 1 litre of water. Bring 3L with me and a 45g prot
  4. Awesome, thank you. When I read "engine at highest rpm", I imagine a bike screaming at redline. 🤪
  5. Great read, thanks for sharing. One point I haven't quite understood yet is when they refer to "engine idling at highest rpm" when adjusting airscrew. The highest rpm bit throws me.. How does one know when it's at its highest?
  6. I use a Garmin 64s and I really like it. It's taken some serious abuse, including having bike flip upside down and land directly on it and it continues to work flawlessly over 2.5 years later. The Topo maps are a really good upgrade also, especially if you use it on your computer/Basecamp. I have a sneaky little handlebar mount that I use and it works well. Expensive gear, but worth it overall I reckon.
  7. I think they're both on black takasago's now. In fact, I reckon the Factory and Racing look pretty similar apart from a few minor bling bits
  8. Yeah it's a nice kit. I kinda wish I'd held back from ordering bits before doing more research. I'm not crazy about the fitment of the Force Rad guards I purchased either.
  9. Thanks for clarifying Frank. It definitely came with the relay also that's wasn't pictured in the link I provided.
  10. On the '21, the fan plug is tucked behind the ECU, this plugs directly in and the ECU controls it coming on and off. Although the part says 4T fan, it works seamlessly on the 2T also.
  11. Here's where the NECJ sits on NE needle chart. Can't add much more sorry.
  12. Cheers,I'm more interested in the stock valving not really revalved settings. Fyi, i've heard the stock valving and settings are very good on the wp shercos. Ahh fair enough. I can't really comment on that then.
  13. I've got Trac-Rite's Cove valve in the fork. In fact it's the same set up as my previous bike. I rarely get over about 50km/h and I always feel in control. Bike glides pretty nicely. My understanding is that the KYB would far outshine the WP when it comes to higher speed situations over multiple bumps/rough ground. But for me the WP is sufficient.
  14. I recently jumped ship from a '17 Husky 300 to a '21 Sherco 300 Racing. I was set on getting a TPI, but things just didn't pan out. Initial thoughts below: Low end grunt on the new bike is what I've been searching for for a long time. Love it. Tractors up things. Working on and tuning the Keihin 36mm carb is a delight. I'm no mechanic, but this is easy stuff Just installed a NECW needle 3rd clip, 40pj, 170mj, 1.5turns. Runs smoother than the factory needle that was in there. Need a proper test, but my lower back is killing me since the maiden voyage on Monday. The WP