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  1. Thanks for the moral support and quality story. The part in bold above reminds me of the way I feel all the time when I reckon I've got stuff under control but it turns out I'm just a newb. Another reason to love this humbling sport. It's a good idea, where possible, to jump others' bikes and see how they ride in comparison. Especially if the bike is the same as yours'. It certainly highlighted a few areas where I'd just gotten used to things that weren't quite right.
  2. I agree mostly, but the upgrade to TPI is at minimum 4k (using Crusty's as an example) for second hand. That's if mine sold at 9k, which may takes ages. What are your thoughts on the Sherco's Vs. TPI's? They come standard with the Keihin.
  3. Hey mate, I'm about 7 hrs in on the new setup now. It runs great. It's really made a difference to the point where I don't think about it anymore. I've also noticed my ability to lug the bike around has drastically improved. Makes me much more confident riding. I don't believe it'll ever quite have the exact same feel of a Keihin, but it's miles cheaper and pretty easy to do. That thumpertalk thread with 90 odd pages is worth the read.
  4. Mostly just fear of potentially not riding for 6 weeks.
  5. What a day it was. Conditions were tougher than I was expecting. The first half of the ride was muddy, slippery and tight. As 99 said, when we got back to the cars I was already feeling beat. I said "fellas, I might call it, feeling tired", then Fab looked at me with zero emotion and said "no, you're going to keep going". Well, that was it The second half of the ride was far more familiar to me with a few new areas I hadn't seen. Creeks were flowing nicely which was super fun. Fab led really well and everything flowed into everything. I really enjoyed the ride and being pushed out of my zone a bit. That particularly steep hill was awesome and I can't wait to do it again. I do have some footage of the day, but sadly it got cut short when the battery died at the bottom of what I think is one of the 3 sisters.
  6. Thanks to @Bikerbiker for organising another mid-week Dindi ripper! Great ride today with an awesome bunch of people. Tracks selection was spot on enjoyed a few new (to me) tracks. Especially enjoyed "Vietnam"! We did 40k's of tracks over about 3 hours which was a great pace. Took me about an hour to get the 10KG's on mud off my bike which was good fun. Cheers fellas!
  7. I hear ya. It's all pretty new to me, so for the most part I'm happy to learn how things work. I've only been riding for a few years and have only started to attempt to fix things myself more recently. When I move on from this bike, I'll take with me a bunch of knowledge I didn't have when I bought it. Hopefully next it'll be a new TPI.
  8. It's an evolving story. Tomorrow will be first ride with new jetting (again), slide mod, JD jet block gasket kit.. It's feels very different in the back yard. Basically what's going on in this thread with some minor differences.
  9. For anyone with a Mikuni TMX carb.. Ensure that you've changed out the jet block gasket prior to attempting to tune the carb. The existing gasket is garbage (see mine below) and will have you running rich down low. JD jetting make the kit. Google "JD jet block gasket". Costs $30 delivered from jdjetting.com.au Heaps of videos online showing how to remove and install. Easy.
  10. I'll head back on Saturday for a rescue mission for the tube and bolt.
  11. I dream of Dindi!! That was such a great first experience at a new location. I'm still playing back the 'smiley' track in my head and I really can't wait to go back. At the end of that one I had a big smile that wouldn't subside for a good 10 mins. Perfect selection of tracks and well lead, thanks to all that attended. I had a great time and was able to wash the bike before school pickup which was even better as it was a pretty muddy affair. Can't wait for the next one!
  12. Don't forget your medal mate. "most likely to steal your 2 stroke" - trailz 2020
  13. Legends, was a great ride. Everyone very capable. Sweep had little to no job. Definitely agree that the pace was up there and I had a ball. Thanks all and looking forward to next time.
  14. Thanks again to @Wayneo and @beeaye for making the trip up to kinglake. Driving in was pretty surreal. Thickest fog I've ever seen. Got to carpark eventually and Wayne was there waiting. Soon after Brian turned up and had a little chit chat then onto pegs. I tried to keep the track selection very familiar as we were dealing with thick fog and slick conditions. Went through a few warm up sections and everyone seemed to be having fun. I took honours of the first crash losing it sideways over a log, but that wasn't long after Wayne had wedged his Yammie into a deep rut. We ventured north as far as long gully Rd through a mix of fast and slow tracks and then started making our way back. Brian and Wayne both had a funny off coming down a rather steep hill. They had come to a stop and couldn't quite get a foot down and both had super slow mo falls with no injuries. Finished up that track and headed back to cars as energy levels were dipping, clutches were slipping and bald tires weren't gripping. Very familiar ride for me, but had a great time none the less. Cheers fellas.
  15. Ride looks awesome and completely hard enduro. Hope to join something like that soon.
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