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  1. Added a quick connect for my trickle charger and gave her a engine service and a bath.
  2. Jaywr450f

    Portable Fridge

    I've got a 60L kings (4wd super centre) fridge/freezer and I can't fault it. It's been running for over 2 years now and works great. Also only cost me $550 with the cover.
  3. Hey guys, my names Jay and im 27yo. Recently bought myself another dirt bike after not owning one since being 17yo(2007 450EXC). Recently gave up on car projects and decided to spend money on something I can actually use.. I've owned my 2015 WR450F for about 2 weeks now and been on 2 rides up at the Gheerulla trail(Mapelton national park) wich was great fun but a little scary; being alone and learning to ride again! Have basically no mates with bikes so I'm joining here in an attempt to find some rides to go on. Currently unreg but will be sorted this week. I'm not a gun rider probably just average especially learning my bike again. Gotta say the big injected Yamaha makes my 2007 ktm 450 feel slow from what I can remember. A little bit about my bike. Full GYTR exhaust, bash plate, radiator guards, case saver and filter. 14/47 gearing I just recently swapped from 14/51(yuck). Above average condition for the 3400kms it has on it. I am meticulous with upkeep and maintainance, I've already serviced it twice with new filters, mainly to get it back to a good starting point for me. I've orderd new grips, new blinkers and I'm considering a new rear tyre soon. I've also fitted a quick connect trickle charger so no seat removal needed. It's due for valve clearance check soon which I'll do my self. Thanks guys, Jay