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  1. Plenty of times. Names and amounts taken down on a clipboard. Then walk over the road, order a pie and pay for your fuel.
  2. I remember that ride. Pretty sure it was Easter. As no one was really dressed for the snow. But it was lightly falling coming over the top of Mt Stirling.
  3. Hi Geoffro, These look real good. 1 x M Black 1 x L Black 1 x 3XL Black Thank you. Payment sent.
  4. Hi Geoffro, 1 x S 1 x L 1 x 3XL Thanks.
  5. All men in black thanks Geoffro. 1 x 5XL 1 x L 1 x S I have just sent EFT.
  6. Thanks for sharing this report and pictures on your adventure Josh. It sounds like you, BearMX and Coggs had a memorable time, with the odd bit of drama thrown in. It can be surprising what you can do when you have to, when you are out in the middle of nowhere, and plans don't always go accordingly.
  7. There IS something very addictive about multi-day long-distance trips. But it must be a combination of things, as for me, there isn't really just one thing that stands out.
  8. Day 5. Just over 600km. Tolarno Station, Pooncarie, Mungo National Park, Robinvale, Swan Hill, Tresco, Kerang & Bendigo. We left Tolarno Station about 7:00am and got to Pooncarie about 8:00am for an Egg & Bacon Roll and a Coffee. We got fuel here as well before heading back into Mungo National Park. For some reason, there were Roo’s coming at us from all directions this morning. This time from Mungo, we were heading home via Robinvale. By the time we got to Robinvale for fuel, the day had cooled considerably. A lot of bitumen work until Tresco, where we managed to go back a s
  9. Day 4. 640km. Milparinka, Packsaddle, White Cliffs, Wilcannia, Menindee, Tolarno Station. Similar to Day 2 but in reverse, and with 90km less bitumen. Today was a big day in more ways than one. We left Milparinka at 6:30 in the morning, and we rolled into Tolarno Station just after 6:30pm that night. From Milparinka, the tracks were the same as what we did on day 2 but in reverse. A fuel and coffee stop at Packsaddle. Then onto White Cliffs for lunch and fuel. This time from White Cliffs, we thought we would give the bitumen a miss and travel down the Wilcannia – Wanaaring Road. We w
  10. I'll try to get the rest of it up tonight. It was fun.
  11. I think our longest between refuels was about 240km. My bike (CRF450X) was geared up to 14/45.
  12. Day 3. 520km. Milparinka, Tibooburra, Cameron Corner, Tibooburra, Mt. Sturt, Milparinka. I think we got away about 7:00am and headed up the 40km of bitumen to the Corner Country Store in Tibooburra for fuel and an early morning coffee. The woman in there asked us where we were going, and which way. She said, I would go the other way, as the views through Jump-Up country are better that way and the corrugations are easier coming out of Cameron Corner at the moment. Wherever we have stopped, the locals have been very helpful with information and any questions that we have had. So we he
  13. Day 2. 615km. Tolarno Station, Menindee, Wilcannia, White Cliffs, Packsaddle & Milparinka. We couldn’t get fuel before about 7:30am at Menindee, so we didn’t have to leave Tolarno Station too early. I think it was about 7:00am when we left. The bloke at the Servo reckoned the road to Wilcannia on the West of the Darling was quite rough, so he advised us to take the road to the East of the Darling. This road was about 150km of dirt, with a bit of wildlife to dodge early on. Fuelled up at Wilcannia, then it was about 70km of bitumen to White Cliffs for more fuel and a late bre
  14. I know this wasn't posted in the organise a ride section, but I thought some riders on here might like to have a read anyway. Maybe it could turn into something down the track. I'll start off by posting up day 1's adventure, and hopefully the rest in the next few days. Day 1. 630km. Bendigo to Tolarno Station. RedRider1 (I’ll call him Rod from now on) & myself left Bendigo about 7:30am, and it was cold, very cold. We could still see ice on the cars as we were leaving. For the first 1 1/2hrs we would stop about every 20mins and wrap our hands around the crankcase just to warm our