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  1. I thought I might give some Adventure Riding a go. 😀 And I'm hoping this will be a good start.
  2. Here is a map of where we went. Red = Day 1 960km Blue = Day 2 750km Green = Day 3 750km (Some of this is obscured by the Day 1 route). Purple = Day 4 520km (Some of this is obscured by the Day 1 route).
  3. Day 4 of 4 – 520km in 7 hours Pooncarie, Mungo National Park, Robinvale, Swan Hill, Bendigo. We left again at about 7:30am, and headed off through the Mungo National Park, and came out near Euston. We crossed the Murray River into Robinvale for Fuel and Coffee (Breakfast). Then a long stretch of Bitumen to Lake Boga before refuelling and backtracking to Bendigo. And just like last time, we ended up riding in the rain for the last 45mins. Next time I think we will trailer our bikes to the NSW border to avoid the rain. Lol. Thanks to Rod for organising this ride. Can’t wait f
  4. Day 2 of 4 – 750km in 10 hours Tilpa, Louth, Bourke, Hungerford, Wanaaring, Tibooburra. Today was originally going to be a short day of about 450km. But as we were leaving Tilpa, we noticed that the sign said Tilpa – Wanaaring closed. After a brief discussion, it was decided that we would travel to Wanaaring via Louth & Bourke. I enjoyed the trip from Tilpa to Bourke on the East side of the Darling River. Refuel at Bourke and we were off to Wanaaring, except when we got to the turn-off, I suggested that we maybe go to Hungerford first. Rod agreed, so off we went. Hungerford is ju
  5. Day 1 of 4 – 960km in 12 hours. Bendigo, Swan Hill, Kyalite, Balranald, Mungo National Park, Pooncarie, Menindee, Wilcannia, Tilpa. Rod and I headed off from Bendigo about 7am on Friday for our short notice Outback trip. It was 1 week in the planning. The hardest part is getting out of Victoria without too much bitumen work. Our first refuel was at Lake Boga, with about 80% dirt roads to get there. Then it was bitumen all the way to Balranald for our next refuel. My bike suffered a fuel cap venting issue on this leg, but I replaced the short vent tube/valve, with some fuel line with
  6. I had been looking forward to this ride for a while. And although I didn’t get to leave home until much later than planned, at 4:30 I was away. About 10 mins after leaving home, it didn’t seem like I had enough stuff with me. Doh! My Swag. So it was closer to 5pm before I left for the last time. I arrived at Skipworth Reserve about 7:30, to be greeted by Ausberg and crew. RWCFrank and the other half of the crew were over the other side of camp. We were a few riders down on initial numbers, but the 5 of us set off about 9am Saturday. Weather was good, and our small group seemed t
  7. A big thanks to Tracey for organising this ride. And as usual, a great selection of tracks. With the recent rains, the tracks were in great condition, with only a small amount of dust. We started the day off with 21 riders, and I think blokes might have been the minority. From what I could tell, the group must have been flowing well, because we rarely stopped. As sweep, I think I only had to get off the bike twice for the whole day. So for anyone who is still fairly new to this, you did a great job out there today. I also managed to meet up with a few people that I have not
  8. Plenty of times. Names and amounts taken down on a clipboard. Then walk over the road, order a pie and pay for your fuel.
  9. I remember that ride. Pretty sure it was Easter. As no one was really dressed for the snow. But it was lightly falling coming over the top of Mt Stirling.
  10. Hi Geoffro, These look real good. 1 x M Black 1 x L Black 1 x 3XL Black Thank you. Payment sent.
  11. Hi Geoffro, 1 x S 1 x L 1 x 3XL Thanks.
  12. All men in black thanks Geoffro. 1 x 5XL 1 x L 1 x S I have just sent EFT.
  13. Thanks for sharing this report and pictures on your adventure Josh. It sounds like you, BearMX and Coggs had a memorable time, with the odd bit of drama thrown in. It can be surprising what you can do when you have to, when you are out in the middle of nowhere, and plans don't always go accordingly.
  14. There IS something very addictive about multi-day long-distance trips. But it must be a combination of things, as for me, there isn't really just one thing that stands out.
  15. Day 5. Just over 600km. Tolarno Station, Pooncarie, Mungo National Park, Robinvale, Swan Hill, Tresco, Kerang & Bendigo. We left Tolarno Station about 7:00am and got to Pooncarie about 8:00am for an Egg & Bacon Roll and a Coffee. We got fuel here as well before heading back into Mungo National Park. For some reason, there were Roo’s coming at us from all directions this morning. This time from Mungo, we were heading home via Robinvale. By the time we got to Robinvale for fuel, the day had cooled considerably. A lot of bitumen work until Tresco, where we managed to go back a s