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  1. LucasB

    2018 ISDE Chile

    No worries Frank I thought some people might be interested. It doesn’t get the coverage it deserves in my opinion. I don’t understand how Foxtel will cover AMA mx, sx, Enduro GP, trials, Dakar etc but not this. Just saw day 4 results and Australia have extended their lead in the world trophy and women’s classes.
  2. LucasB

    2018 ISDE Chile Update. Aussies now leading outright by over 3 mins after day 3. Milner and Chucky 1 and 2 overall. Women’s team leading by over 6 mins. Hopefully luck goes their way and they don’t have any problems. Shame there isn’t any coverage on TV [emoji35]
  3. LucasB

    2018 ISDE Chile The aussies are looking good after day one finishing in second only 4 seconds behind the yanks. Chucky and Milner finishing second and third respectively. The juniors sit in fifth, and the women’s team looks like the team to beat again. Hopefully they can keep it up. [emoji1037][emoji1037][emoji1037]
  4. LucasB

    2018 dirtriderZ Annual Weekend Beechworth

    What’s up with that Berg or WR on the far right hand side? The photo shows no front end on it. That would be a challenge
  5. LucasB

    What was your first bike ?

    An old Kawasaki kv75. (Not actual photo) Early 70’s model 3 speed 2 smoke. Suited the old open face helmet perfectly [emoji41]
  6. LucasB

    Goldentyre 216AA

    I’m pretty sure KJ Thomas in Whittlesea are a GT distributor
  7. Hey mate yes Extons Rd is the go. Drive until it becomes dirt then go another half km or so and there is an unload spot on your right hand side. Can’t miss it. There are tracks right there to start on. Just stick to the open ones if that’s what you’re after. Good luck.
  8. LucasB

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Great photos Marko. Geez it looks like you gave that tree a good touch up and lucky to get away with that one without serious damage.
  9. LucasB

    Dissa blast & BBQ

    Firstly thanks Gypsy and 2t4me (and anyone else who helped) for organising today. It is a good way to get a big crew together. I went on Dusty’s level 3 ride which was awesome. We started off on some tech stuff before dropping into a small creek section, followed by more tech stuff. We eventually arrived at Anderson’s Garden shortly followed by the infamous Hamburger hills that I’ve read a lot about on DRZ. Once I got to the top I realised I’ve been up there over 10 years ago but it wasn’t as bad back then. We had a pretty good run up there with only a few guys having to turn around for a second run. (Dusty said I must mention that one person needed 3 attempts. Unfortunately I’m bad with names [emoji6]) We then hit hamburgers 2 which definitely needed some momentum and once again most got up pretty well. We then did a short section to another infamous hill I’ve heard about called 3rd gear hill. Dusty stopped us all at the bottom to offer people to go the easy way around then roughly half the crew had a go with most getting up. It was my first time up this hill and I must admit when I got half way up and saw that rock face in my line I had thoughts of should I go or should I back out? I rolled the power on and somehow made it up. While waiting at the top the word came through that the level 4 boys were coming up so we sat down for a show. A couple had issues early on but then those boys made it look easy. We then met up with the rest of our crew and headed back through Anderson’s and eventually some more creek sections. Loved those creek sections. After that we ended up in some peg deep rut sections and after holding my legs up for a while I started getting cramps in my hips and thighs. At the next main Rd I got directions back to the cars followed by 3 other boys. I don’t think there was a lot of riding left but it probably would have ended in tears. When i got within 10 minutes of my home my right leg decided to cramp up again and I struggled on bending and twisting trying to ease the pain. Nothing a good spa doesn’t fix. All in all it was a great ride. Big thanks to Dusty for leading and Dan and Hoff for sweeping. Hope all who stayed around for a while didn’t get too wet. Hopefully old mate with the busted up leg didn’t do too much damage.
  10. LucasB

    New to me Husaberg

    Looks mint [emoji108]
  11. LucasB

    End of an era (for me)

    Mate I kinda see where you’re coming from. I rode a mates 350xcf a couple of weeks ago for a little while and I was quietly impressed. It seemed to have plenty of punch and felt light. That’s compared to my 17 500 exc. I’ve been telling myself ever since that whenever I updated to my next bike I would like to test ride an 350exc to see if they were as impressive as the xcf. What bike did you get?
  12. LucasB

    Father’s Day Dissa

    Couldn’t think of a better way to spend Father’s Day than morning ride with a good bunch of blokes and a barbie in the arvo with the family. 15 riders started and the rain yesterday made for some slow going at times with some slippery hills covered in even slipperier roots. About 20ks in we stopped for a break after a small creek section only to have our sweep Gypsy arrive minus one rider. Apparently his bike had over heated and spat all the coolant out as well as flattened the battery. After a brief discussion it was decided 3 capable guys would ride back and try to get him going enough to get out to the main road. After a while we got the call that they got him going and were on the way back, but by that stage time was getting on and 4 of us took an alternate route back to the cars to get home in time. The rest of the group were going to keep going for a bit longer. Thanks Dusty for leading us, and thanks Gypsy for sweeping. I only got a few pics of the rest stop and the boys getting the fire going. I hope the rest of the ride went well. Cheers.
  13. I don’t think there is much of a wait at the moment. A mate of mine joined up a couple of weeks ago within a couple of days. I’ve been talking about going to Starglen for ages. I’ll have to give it a go.
  14. Welcome Flow. For your young bloke you should check out the Whittlsea Township Motorcycle Club. It’s really good for kids. They have a ride at Whittlsea On the 1st weekend of every month around paddocks with marked out track. Then third weekend of every month they have a family weekend at one of a few 100+ acre properties they have access to where you can camp 1 or 2 nights. These weekends they have 3 loops set up for Mavs (kids), juniors, and seniors, so the adults can do some riding as well. They also have raffles for the kids which gets them excited. It’s a bit more laid back than going to a MX track, and if you make a weekend of it even better.
  15. LucasB

    dirtriderZ Hoodie Order

    Just received my hoodie today. Looks awesome and will definitely get used on those cold ride mornings. Thanks Geoffro, and and anyone else who might have helped organise them. [emoji108]