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  1. Hopefully reedy turns up. Would be good to see him ride again before he retires. Haven’t seen him since he was about 16 at the tennis centre.
  2. You’re right it’s a good sized arena for sx, but if it’s anything like the round they had down at gmhba stadium in Geelong back in October, they will only use half of the stadium to build the track. And they only opened certain parts of the stands that were near the track. The rest of the stadium was empty. I suppose it depends how many tickets they sell.
  3. I arrived at the meet up point early just as Cluffie rode back into the car park. He’d been out and checked the conditions so he could make a plan for the group. The tracks were still quite greasy so he modified the loop to suit and did a great job with only a minimum of slippery hills. The wettest part was the bloody logs, which seemed to be endless. These bought a few undone including myself when I hit a slippery log that I didn’t even see that speared me off into the scrub but thankfully there weren’t any trees or obstacles to hit, and I managed to pull up safely and make my way back to the track. We started with 7 riders, most who i met for the first time today, and as it was my first ride back after summer I was happy to put my hand up for sweep duties. After around 40ks the call was made for for one rider (sorry I can’t remember all names) to head back to the cars and 3 others followed. Down to 3 riders, and Cluffie said he’ll take us some slightly harder tracks, and within what felt like 10 minutes we were in a gully with steep, slippery, root infested hills either side. We made it up the first couple ok but there was a bit of pushing, pulling and lifting involved and I was starting to get fatigued so I knew the end was near. Then on the next hill I ended up ghostying my bike when halfway up after hitting a root, so that was it for me and I told Cluffie once we got to The top. I was also joined by Mark after his battery went flat on the last few hills after all the stopping and starting. We couldn’t even kick start it, so I pulled out the new starter pack I bought and gave it a crack for the first time. I must say I was impressed with how good it works for something that is about the same size as a new iPhone. If you own a new bike with no kicker then they’re worth a look. So Cluffie pointed Mark and I to the cars and he continued on solo for a bit longer, and arrived back in the car park not far behind us. All in all it was good day out, apart from a couple of blisters, and good to meet several new faces. Big thanks to Cluffie for putting the ride on, and his knowledge of the area definitely added to the success of the ride with his ability to change plans on the fly. Well done mate [emoji106]
  4. LucasB

    Space Blankets

    I did a Woods Point ride years ago and we ended up riding in heavy rain first, then snow as we got higher. We were all shivering when we got to WP and a couple of guys bought a roll of glad wrap at the general store and proceeded to wrap themselves from head to toe. It worked and kept them a bit warmer.
  5. Brings back memory’s alright. I had a pair of these Vendraminis as a teenager. they were my first pair of proper boots after the blunnies. Went well with jeans and open face lid. Those were the days [emoji41]
  6. Nice bike mate. They do look sweet those things [emoji108]
  7. Now that’s getting your money’s worth out of a tyre. Sounds like a good ride guys. Bring on the rain [emoji120]
  8. Road (got me singing the National Lampoons song [emoji23])
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