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  1. Fair call, but they’re not as bad as some make out. That survey is less than 600 votes, out of how many thousands of tpis out there? Like any popular item, One can only assume the silent majority are satisfied customers. [emoji2368]
  2. Interesting survey... seems it’s not all doom n gloom for tpi owners.
  3. Go see Darren at Tracrite suspension in Whittlesea.
  4. What a shame TP was doing so well, and in prime position [emoji22] Hopefully chucky can keep up his awesome debut.
  5. Congrats mate looks smick. What capacity did you get?
  6. Hey mate, Gaerne SG12 have my vote. Spend as much as you can afford on boots. Team Moto in Epping had really good deals on boots and Gaerne before lock down. It wasn’t advertised either, it might be worth a call assuming they’re open again.
  7. Sneaky aren’t they. Using the lockdown to close the areas off. It is a rule though, no camping, riding, driving, or even fires etc below the high water mark. Aside from rubbish that some low life’s leave behind I can’t see the issue with it. It’s all about protecting the water supply apparently. The camp grounds up past Jerusalem Creek were also done quite a while ago. It will be interesting in peak periods now
  8. A mate of mine bought his 14yo a Husky FC250 late last year after coming off a Husky 85. Only rides club weekends on private property with WTMC and occasional mx. He’s putting a rec reg kit on it for when he’s old enough. He’s quite tall but the bike is still a handful for him. His old mans theory is that it will last him longer than if he’d bought a 125. FE or FX model probably better suited for his riding, but also a couple of grand more. His cousin, just turned 15, got a KTM 125 sx about a year ago and he now wants to sell it to get a 250f. They’re both conservative type riders and I th
  9. In addition to previous good suggestions, there are also several good clubs you could join that cater for kids/teens and seniors on private property. Whittlesea MC Diamond Valley MC Dandenong MC Alexandra MC Plus many others I don’t know about. They have access to several properties around Vic. I’m a member of WTMC with my 10 year old, we both love it.(not so much this year)Many members don’t live anywhere near Whittlsea, they just travel to the weekends away once a month. There are plenty of teenage members also. In addition to previous good suggestions, there are also several good clubs
  10. Reading that brings back memories of my old XR250re Twin carb, it used to run like a pig up in the mountains. Thank god for fuel injection [emoji2960]
  11. Sounds like a doozy of a ride that one. The high country can be very unforgiving. When I was a teenager many moons ago I was riding with my old man, just 2 of us, we were at the base of Mt Cobbler. My old man washed the front end on a hairpin, didn’t have time to get his hands out so head butted the ground. Not sure it was whiplash or what but his airway started swelling and he was having difficulty breathing. He was starting to panic, and being so far from anywhere we didn’t know what to do. (No phones or epirbs back then) Luckily after resting a while he came good, but it was stressful.
  12. Not sure if a similar thread has ever been started, but I was thinking while everyone has some spare time on their hands why not share your stories of one of those rides that you’d rather forget. Everyone has one. A ride from hell!! This was my hell ride. It happened back in 2003/4. Myself and a mate left melbourne Friday night for a mates place in Moe. We were joining a Saturday morning ride from Thompson Dam wall to Woods Point and back. Early Saturday morning 3 of us (all over 6 foot) piled into my mates HQ one tonner Ute, it was cold so all the windows fogged up and we’re trying to s
  13. Here’s one for all the Jap bike enthusiasts. Finally a special edition WR450 with some bling!!! All you need to do is fork out $17k [emoji15]