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  1. Nice bike mate. They do look sweet those things [emoji108]
  2. Now that’s getting your money’s worth out of a tyre. Sounds like a good ride guys. Bring on the rain [emoji120]
  3. Road (got me singing the National Lampoons song [emoji23])
  4. Must have a lowered Hiace van with a sick set of rims
  5. Not sure this link will work, but hopefully it does. It shows the awesome home coming Toby received when he returned to Brisbane airport. Well deserved [emoji122][emoji122]
  6. I met Adrian when I joined the wtmcc and he is a good down to earth bloke. I haven’t used his services but I’ve heard good things about what he does. Dude can steer a bike too.
  7. Far out that’s a big stack. Not sure what injuries he’s got but it looks like he was very lucky not have something more serious. Those blokes are nuts!! Sometimes it takes a crash like that to show how fast they’re actually going. Props to TP for stopping and checking on him. Luckily some other medical staff were there so he could keep going.
  8. Awesome win considering his injury. He really must have been gritting his teeth in that last stage to come away with the win because you know all the riders would have been going hard. Just goes to show his outright speed. Legend[emoji1037] Top effort by Andrew Short as well coming in third. Who ever knew he was a gun off-road rider. It wasn’t that long ago he was full time racing super cross and motor cross.