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  1. LucasB

    Dakar 2019

    Far out that’s a big stack. Not sure what injuries he’s got but it looks like he was very lucky not have something more serious. Those blokes are nuts!! Sometimes it takes a crash like that to show how fast they’re actually going. Props to TP for stopping and checking on him. Luckily some other medical staff were there so he could keep going.
  2. LucasB

    Dakar 2019

    Awesome win considering his injury. He really must have been gritting his teeth in that last stage to come away with the win because you know all the riders would have been going hard. Just goes to show his outright speed. Legend[emoji1037] Top effort by Andrew Short as well coming in third. Who ever knew he was a gun off-road rider. It wasn’t that long ago he was full time racing super cross and motor cross.
  3. LucasB

    Dakar 2019

    Wow it’s close. Hopefully TP has got enough left in the tank to hold PQ off or at least stick on his rear fender so he can’t break away. I guess we’ll see if anyone has been holding back until now. They will all be on gas for the last stage. Go TP.
  4. LucasB

    Dakar 2019

    TP is a machine. I can’t fathom riding one day with a broken bone in my wrist let alone race for 2 weeks straight. Just imagine how he would go if he was 100% fit!! Bad luck for Brabec but as the old saying goes, to finish first, first you have to finish. Fingers crossed for a trouble free finish for TP [emoji1037][emoji110][emoji1696]
  5. LucasB

    Ktm 300 exc or ktm 250 exc-f?

    That’s Belly’s old bike off MXtv isn’t it? He has the number 300 on his bikes and it’s got the mxtv sticker kit. It’s definitely got all the bling on it but I doubt the mileage would be legit.
  6. LucasB

    AMA Supercross on Foxtel today

    Yeh This is the first time in years that Foxtel don’t have live coverage. Spewing. At least they are showing the replay. Hopefully reedy can be up the pointy end for most likely his last season.
  7. LucasB

    2019 Rides Wish List

    They all sound good. Couple of areas I’d like to try that I’ve heard good things about are Beachport Strathbogies One day.....
  8. LucasB

    Four Word Game

    Greenies hugging the trees
  9. LucasB

    Fuel range

    I’ve got a 17 500 and fuel range is pretty good. When I first bought it I did a high country ride and carried extra fuel but didn’t need it. All I did was keep giving it to a mate on a TE450. We were doing 120-130ks a day of 4x4 tracks at a cruisy pace. I’ve never been close to running out on a normal day ride of narrow trails. Having said that I ain’t no racer and I usually just torque the thing around. You’re welcome to take it for a spin if you want to see if it suits. Im not sure if there’s a huge difference to the 19 model. I was trying to make cruisers ride on Sunday but not sure I’ll be able to make it work. If I do I’ll see you there.
  10. LucasB

    Word Association...