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  1. LucasB

    E.O.I For Winter Merchandise

    I’d be keen on a hoodie or jacket and a beanie. [emoji106]
  2. LucasB

    World Enduro Super Series (WESS)

    Google search Colton Haaker crash Portugal. The poor bastard does the biggest face plant ever while crossing a creek and gets stuck face down in the water. If the spectators weren’t there to help he would have been in real trouble.
  3. LucasB

    Tapatalk login problem

    Working a treat now. [emoji106]
  4. LucasB

    Tapatalk login problem

    Thanks Marko I hadn’t seen that. Hopefully it’s up and working again soon.
  5. LucasB

    Tapatalk login problem

    Hi all. Is anyone else having issues logging into Tapatalk? 3 days ago I clicked the Dirtriderz group to open it as I always do and I was asked to login or register. I’ve tried logging in multiple times and it says login failed. I’ve even tried reinstalling the app on my iPhone. I can logon onto the website fine. Tapatalk is easier on the mobile so I’d rather have it up and running. Any ideas? Cheers.
  6. LucasB

    Local Shop Rips Off Forum Member

    Geez, that’s pretty bad form. They won’t be able to keep that up for long once word gets around. I bet if he asked for a quote it wouldn’t have been that high.
  7. Not sure mate we haven’t seen them the couple of times we’ve ridden there.
  8. Lunch stop at the Erica pub late 2016 before riding back to a mates place in Moe.
  9. LucasB

    Toolangi 14/4

    Met up with the boys for a 10:00 start just as the drizzle started, which settled the dust perfectly. I’ve never ridden Toolangi before and Craigsx250 took us on a good loop that had a bit of everything. There were a couple of tricky bits to keep us on our toes. I’ve heard this place can get quite slippery when it’s wet and I’m glad it wasn’t much wetter or the tracks we rode would have been much tougher. The group flowed well with just four of us and there weren’t any major offs or problems. During the second half of the loop the rain really came down and the temperature dropped a couple of degrees. We were drenched through and it was cold, and the clay sections were starting to get pretty slick so I think we were all happy to see the cars by the end. Thanks Craig for leading this ride and thanks Beeaye and AndyB for for the company. I look forward to catching up on the trails again soon.
  10. LucasB

    New knee braces.

    I got a set of Pods from MCA in Dandenong. Bit far from you but the service was good. Started with a young salesman who then went and got the manager who ended up spending a lot of time with me trying on different spacers to get the right fit. Not sure if he’s there every day you’d have to call before you made the trip.
  11. LucasB

    New member from Melbourne

    Macca. In kinglake take extons road until it becomes dirt. Go another half k or so and there is an unloading area on right hand side. Plenty of tracks right there. Should also be licensed to ride there however.
  12. LucasB

    Inspiring Mini Documentary

    Ha that’s awesome. I only hope I can still be roosting like that when I’m that age.
  13. Just heard the tragic news that last years Finke winner Daymon Stokie has died during a race yesterday in Alice Springs. A guy in his prime taken way too soon.
  14. LucasB

    KTM 500 exc f

    Hey macka I bought a new 17 model after riding a 300 2t for many years. Main reason for buying it was I was planning on riding more open sort of terrain and less tight tech stuff. Well, although I haven’t been riding as much I used to, I have ridden both open and tight stuff and I’m very impressed with the 500. I’m still getting used to it but it seems at home in all terrain. It feels light enough which was my main concern. Map switch works good. I might put a pipe on it eventually but that’s about it. Only gripe I’ve got with it is I can’t seem to get the forks working in rocks as well as my 300 did. I had the same suspension guy do both bikes but it’s just the new xplor fork. I have to play around with it more. All in all, very happy and a big tick from me.
  15. Yeh I agree Cluffie about the carby issues. I’ve had it into 2 shops trying to tune it correctly cause I’m no good at it. Second shop eventually improved it and put me onto a different plug but still a lot of spooge. The octane change came later and has also helped. Now only replacing plug every third or fourth ride instead of three every ride.