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  1. There’s a fair bit of good stuff over towards eildon from rubicon. I bought a van up there a year or so ago and I’ve also been trying to get a loop put together. Each time I go out I find something new, and I was making good progress before we were locked down. I would be mostly riding 2 valleys over from rubicon, but the tracks seem to be endless around that area so I’m sure you won’t struggle finding some good tracks. I went on a group ride years ago from eildon to rubicon and back and the leader stashed fuel at rubicon, so it’s a fair distance. If you did in reverse you could fuel up at eildon. Happy to share some stuff I know at some stage if you head over that far. Good luck with it. Part of the adventure is the exploring.
  2. Yes, just the valve inserts.
  3. Yeh I agree it’s money well spent. I originally went in just for heavier springs and a revalve, and Darren said the biggest gain would be from the cone valves, and it wasn’t a huge amount more to do so. From memory the whole set up was just over $900 front and rear.
  4. I had Tracrite set up my 2020 Ktm 300 and he put his cone valves in the forks as well as his bladder kit shock mod in the rear. Also heavier springs to suit. I’m very happy with it, but I never rode the bike in stock form so I don’t know what I’m comparing to. I’m also just a weekend worrier that doesn’t push it to its potential. Not sure what year your bike is but this set up is what he was doing on the 17 and on Xplor forks.
  5. PS: I tried posting this in the ride reports section but it kept telling me I wasn’t logged in or didn’t have permission. Not sure why
  6. Big thanks to Pepperjack for putting this ride on today it was awesome to get out again. Thanks to Mr Pink for leading the first half before he had to leave, and PJ for leading the second half. We had absolutely perfect weather today. Couldn’t have asked for better. It was a tad fresh when we set off but that didn’t last long once we warmed up. We started with 9 at the meet point, but poor old Roland forgot his helmet, so we were then 8. 2 others bailed at midday with Mr Pink so we were reduced to 5. Not long after Mojos bike started running a bit rough so he bailed to the cars. Then we were 4 with PJ Beeaye Marko and myself, and we pumped out another few ks. No get offs, and no major dramas, and the ride flowed very well. Thanks to Mess for sweeping first half and Beeaye for the second half. Much appreciated. Around 65km covered by the end. Can’t wait to do it again. Till next time [emoji106]
  7. First Dirtriderz ride for me was the Christmas ride 2017 at Tallarook.
  8. That’s it. You’re up.
  9. I don’t blame you for upgrading to a nice light weight euro princess. The WR 450 isn’t made for wrestling and skull dragging up snotty hills.
  10. Sure is mate. You’re up.
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