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  1. Some mentioned that this game may be fun for some in this forum. I have participated in this game on two other forums. Both supermoto. I thought I might try and get the ball rolling for some to have a crack at it. I have no idea how it will go or if anyone will be bothered. But here goes anyway. Please scroll down to the bottom of this post to view the challenges that have already been completed to avoid double ups etc... The Riding Game. I start it now by issuing a challenge to all. Something like: Your dirtbike in a bus stop. The challenge is to ride your dirt bike to the challenge and take a pic proving it was there at the challenge location. Supermotards with slicks or roadie tyres in this game allowed. The issuer of the current challenge can't compete for his own challenge until 7 days are up. The first person to whack up their bike pic of the current challenge, wins that challenge. The pic must be taken after the challenge was set down. No previous pic mining through your hard disks. The idea is to get out and ride to the spot after the challenge is put down. Definitely remember to put your new challenge under the pic you put up, in the same post. The challenges have to be of something you can actually do yourself, and it should be simple enough to do that the game doesn't bog down due to complications. If 7 days go by and no one does the challenge you put down, YOU HAVE TO DO THE CHALLENGE within 10 days of issuing the challenge! SO CHOOSE CAREFULLY. If no one does any challenge within 10 days of it being issued a new challenge will be issued by me, because the challenger has failed to pick a doable enough challenge and hasn't walked the walk and done it themselves either. lol Any controversial pics need to be judged by the challenge issuer, or me in their absence. There is usually some arguing in these games. Taking a pic of your bike next to a toy train, or picture of a train etc. does not qualify as a pic next to a train. Be very specific with your challenges. And even then expect some interesting interpretations. This can be played by anyone who can see this thread that has a dirt bike. No challenges like 'Getting at least 2 metres of air on your local round about'. They are too dangerous for many to do. Definitely keep in mind folks, that the police and other government officials can see what you whack up. Please be sensible. The original issuer of each challenge can't compete for his own challenge until the 3 day period has passed. Occasionally we will throw in a challenge or two that even unregistered and/or un-licenced riders can do. Some of the challenges can be done on private property after all. If you are un-licenced and/or unregistered keep an eye out for the right challenge though, for remember the fully rego and licenced riders would be onto it too don't forget. When you whack up a pic of your bike winning the challenge, put the next challenge under the pic. It makes the current challenges easy to find without having to mine through too many posts. ***Note/disclaimer*** If you get busted trying to take a pic of your dirt bike in front if a cop shop (for example) and get done for no blinkers and mirrors etc >>> IT'S YOUR PROBLEM. NO ON ELSES. In no way am I getting behind and/or approving of anyone zinging around the streets on unregistered bikes either. If a pic pops up of your obviously 'MX track only' KX125 in front of Southbank during peak hour etc. the pic will get pulled off the site. Ok. Some have said this could be fun to do in here so let's see what happens. Everyone understand? Let's see if anyone can bothered with it then. We'll start with an easy one first. First challenge: Your dirtbike in front of the entry of a large big name supermarket. Challenges already completed are, Your bike, In front of a supermarket - On top of a wall - Next to a fire truck - With a woman in a bikini - In a telephone booth - In an elevator - On the roof of a car - Inside a Macca's store - In a Macca's drive thru - Next to a cemetary - In front of your local bike shop - In your lounge room - Out the front of an eatery - With you on it, in a cape - With you on it, in a dress - In front of a "no bikes" sign - Next to railway lines - In front of your local milk bar - Next to a bunch of harley davidsons - At a lookout - Next to a B double truck - On a flight of stairs - Beside a pool or dam - Next to a concrete site - In the middle of a round about - Out the front of a Bunnings store - Out the front of a fish n chippery - Next to a flagpole - With you sitting on it in cricket whites - Your bike covered in post it notes - Under water up to the axles -
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